Realtor - Field of Specialization Designations ???

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Im wondering if some realtors/brokers or other knowledgeable people can give me some advice on something...

Im taking online classes now to get my license. The site offers "specializations" courses such as:

C.F.S. - Certified Financing Specialist

C.P.S. - Certified Property Management Specialist

C.S.S. - Certified Seniors Specialist

C.T.S. - Certified Technology Specialist

Are these specializations widely known about by other professionals and/or potential clients and truly helpful in gaining more clients and advancing your career, or is this something that only this website offers that no one will really know what they are? 

One Specialty came with the package I bought, so I chose C.F.S, but if it is truely helpful to me I will purchase the other specialty courses as well. 

Thank you!

In most cases the general public has no idea what the designations mean. You may gain some knowledge from them, but from a lead generation standpoint the money would be better spent. 

Hi Jessica,  I agree with @TimBooz.  The designations allow you to put initials after your name but the public generally has no idea what those designations mean and probably don't much care.  That said you will get some additional knowledge from the courses you take to get the designation so it could be helpful.  Since Realtors know what the designations mean there is a chance that a Realtor may refer a client to you because your designation shows some knowledge of an area.  

Best, Teresa 

What school did take your online training with? Do feel you were prepared well enough to pass the exam on the first attempt?I thinking of getting my license in Texas as well.