loans with WN Financial Solutions

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Does anyone have any experience with WN Financial Solutions that they are willing to share? Need a loan for an LLC and my regular bank will have to get approval from the bank committee to give me another loan. Thought I would look elsewhere in the meantime to see if I could find anything else or any other way to be able to pursue another purchase.

I don't have any experience with this particular lender, but it is a great idea to build multiple lender relationships. Go with whoever can give you the best rate.

You mention a local bank. Have you also tried a credit union? If you are trying to secure an additional loan, you may not have any more luck elsewhere, but it is always a good idea to shop around for rates.

Good luck!

Tried the credit unions last year on another house, they will not loan in an LLC name. I wonder if there are out of state credit unions that would loan to an LLC in Oklahoma. If you know of some, I will contact them and find out. There were several banks around here that told me no to an LLC also.