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Has anyone heard or experienced anything with this new company called Sharestates? I was reading an article about it saying that it kind of like crowdfunds real estate investments but I have never seen anything like that before so I am a little skeptical.

Disclosure: I work at Sharestates

Hi Scott - I work at and would be happy to tell you more. We do in fact crowdfund real estate investments--funding coming from both individual accredited investors and institutional investors. The majority of our deals are 1-4 family rehab projects in NYC. We will fund projects outside that scope as well. Please feel free to respond with any questions or you can contact us at [email protected] to respond privately or set up a time for a phone call. Thanks for your interest in Sharestates. -- Kevin Shane

Hi Kevin,

Was is the criteria and experience that is required for people looking to raise capital to acquire and/or rehab a project? Assuming that buy and holds or longer term projects geared towards cash flow are excluded?



Hi Carrie - I must apologize for not seeing your message above. For borrowers, we require them to have some experience in the project type and market that the property is located in. If you'd like to get more info, you can reach out to our underwriting team by visiting our website (Sharestates) and contacting us through the online form or emailing us. BP limits me from putting our email and URL on the site. Thanks for your question!

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