How much in the state of Missouri will it cost to be a Real Estate agent?

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I am looking to work with the company Keller williams and do whole selling on the side. I have heard conflicting stories on how much it cost annually to be a agent after the completion of testing and acquiring a job. Anywhere from 5-7k to be a agent is what I have heard. 

@Tim Hagins I asked this same question from a friend of mine, here's the response.

Pre exam class $395

Practice exam class $200

Test $60(approx)

St Louis ***. of Realtors $629/yr $275 app fee (price varies per office) (optional depends on brokerage that holds your license) if broker belongs, you have to too.

Continuing Ed. $30/class 4 classes or 12 hrs required. (every two yrs)

Errors and Omissions insurance $650/yr (varies per office, depends on brokers experience)

Desk fees, commission agreements or referral only standings ( this all varies depending on what broker you choose to hold your license and can vary greatly.

MLS fees $60/ quarter

MO real estate license application fee and renewal fee $50-100 each time

Supra key $25 processing fee, $140/yr

I'm sure there are some other fees in there, but hopefully that give you a good idea.

Thanks for your information, yeah that looks pretty on line to what the brokerage information I have. Talked to two people outside the business they made it seem much higher than that but then again their brokerage company might have been more expensive!!

Thanks again..

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