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I know this topic has come up in the past, but thought I would re-ask this question to see if anyone has recent knowledge. I have 6 SFH properties in B'ham and am looking to possibly switch property managers. I am looking for a PM that does not ding hard on the placement of tenants so that they are incented to find the right ones and keep them long term. The B'ham market has proven very difficult for me to find good options for property managers. Any help is appreciated.

We use Decas for the majority of our turnkey rentals.  They do a very good job for us. 

Disclosure: The referral is to someone who is a client of ours.

The guys that license our brand in that market are a great company called Spartan Value Investors, and they have a PM part of their business.  Not a huge focus for them, but they are quite competent and super cool people to work with.  If you'd like to explore a relationship, just call LINDSAY DAVIS at (205) 304-0032.

Disclosure: I'm an employee of Decas Group


Decas Group is a full service property management company, turn-key provider and real estate brokerage that caters to investors like yourself. Please let me know how I can help.

I know this Decas dude @J Benoit

Still waiting for a speaking gig mate??? haha

I'm speaking in Salt Lake City at the REI Expo.

You should come and check it out :)

haha - Thanks @Englo!  Expo sounds like a good time.  Email over some details on that please.

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