Has Anyone used www.MoneyToLoanUSA.com?

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Has Anyone used www.MoneyToLoanUSA.com? If so, what was your experience like?

Hi @Jeff L.

My basic rule is if you are not sure, just avoid it or look up Google and see what is out there. I did so for you and really didn't find anything. I pasted a summary of where the site comes from and looks like it may be based in India? I see they promote world wide networking or something like that, but their website content is my second check on unknown companies. I see cheap FLASH clip of money and an ultra basic content site. 

Ask yourself, if they work all over the world, couldn't they afford just a little more than a basic blog post looking website? Especially if this site has been up for over 4 years. 

Then you have flags like a PO BOX here in the US. An INda company registered phone, Free email accounts for the owner and support etc. All this is fine for starting up investors like us here at BP. However we are looking at a company toting that it helps connect investors all over the wold. Who does that with a Gmail account using just the name of their company? 

It's up to you, and hopefully someone here has actually experienced something with them, but I am putting all my money down on this being a scam company. Save your investing money and look for someone local that you can either talk to, or at least has a physical US address somewhere. Even if different State, they should have a building that people can walk in and check up on them. 


Website: moneytoloanusa.com


Domain Age: 4 Years, 261 Days
Website Speed: Fast

Owner: Diaz, Jr., Jorge
Owner Address: PO Box 101034
Owner City: Cape Coral
Owner Postcode: 33910
Phone Number: 9175088356
Phone Type: mobile :Punjab Vodafone Essar Ltd

Owner Country : United States
Website Location : United States

Probable website origin :-
72%; United States
28%; India

Registered contact email address is a free one
Technical contact email address is a free one
Administrative contact email address is a free one

Analysis Details:-
Although this website appears to be based in United States there are other countries involved and you should review this information carefully and decide if it is as you expect.

Free email addresses have been used in the setup of this website. This is not necessarily worrying, depending on the site. For online shops, this can be a sign that the site has some risk (Emphasis mine -RR)

Source: http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/moneytolo...

@Ratho R. Thanks for the insight. Yeah, I noticed most of the things you mentioned after doing a Google search before posting, thought I would at least see if anyone had any dealings with them; worth a shot. The Gmail thing was a definite oddity. 

I'll definitely keep looking.

Good call @Jeff L. . When in doubt, find something else. Is better to find another opportunity and miss something rather than get in and find out you lost capital on a scam. Haha. What exactly are you looking for that you were hoping to accomplish there with them?

@Ratho R.  I'm trying to secure a private money or hard money loan. The inquiry  was pretty much an extension of my post from earlier today. This should explain it:  http://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/49/topics/207069-need-funding-and-advice-please

Ah gotcha. Yeah that confirms, avoid this option and find a more trusted source with a physical US address. (Even if not local, depending on how your current market is). Search around here on BP and I'm sure, if you haven't already, you will find some much safer paths to get on your investing journey. Best of luck! 

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