Anybody know MC Properties from Kansas City?

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I'm doing a 1031exchange now and need to buy a 2nd replacement turnkey property for $45k+. 

I'm looking at Kansas City now for this price range turnkey seller. Does anyone know MC Companies? They sell turnkey properties for $45k-$80k, and they have a property management company-Alpine Property Management that manage 200 properties.

Does anyone know this company? How is their turnkey product and their management service.



Just PM me

If your paying 45k or over , I hope that you will get 800 or more in rents. Don't buy a house for 45k  in the 64127, 64128 , 64130 zip codes. You will be paying too much.


Thanks for sharing the info! Are those 3 zip codes not in the good neighborhoods? 

Do you invest in the area? If yes, who do you work with? Turnkey property offered by MC Properties for $60k can rent for $700-$725/min.



@Jie Li -I invest in Kansas City in decent areas where I pay around $50-55k all in for 3/2's that will rent for $850+.  If anyone is trying to sell you a property for $60k that rents for $700, I wouldn't consider that a good deal.  Feel free to  PM me and I can give you recommendations.

@Jie Li yes those 3 zip codes are in the hood. A person can find houses from 10k to 20k in those zip codes. I have never worked with MC properties. I have purchased and sold in Kansas City. That 60k house sounds like something you can find right off the kc mls. You can always private message me a addess and I can tell you what you should pay.

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@Jie Li Did you find out any pro's or con's concerning MC Companies? Could you share their website, while looking around for them on the web I wasn't able to find them. Probably a red flag :) 

@Brandon Holley,

MC Companies website is

However, they don't put any deals on their website. That's why I want to get some feed back on this company.



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