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Does anyone have experience working with or using the Lifestyles Unlimited mentoring/coaching program? 

I worked with several of their members in San Antonio. I also attended several meetings and classes they offered. For someone looking to get education and hand holding, I think it would be okay. Often times you can spend all those expensive mentoring fee's on a house and learn from making mistakes.. depends on the individual and the resources available.

Del walmsley radio show at 2PM on 880am-the biz he's the CEO or whatever of life styles unlimited. I'd much rather listen to his show then pay money for mentoring. Most of my questions are answered in his shows, and on this site and in the Google search. But I do believe each package of lifestyles unlimited offers different benefits. You would have to look through them all to see if it's worth your money or not.

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Does anyone have experience working with or using the Lifestyles Unlimited mentoring/coaching program? 

 Hey Jordan.  I did their mentoring program.  I wouldn't do it if I were you.  Just sign up at the basic level and do it yourself.  Their mentors or realtors didn't help me at all.  They never found me one property I could flip.  Was better finding them myself.  Any specific questions just let me know.

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I would say Lifestyles Unlimited is not for every one. We do not teach flipping. We are the best however at investing in apartments.  Our members have won the National Apartment Association for the past 9 years straight for the independent owner. 

If your goal is to grow quickly with apartments we are the best out there. 

When doing investing, Lifestyles does have different packages depending on what you are looking to do.  

it really depends on your goals. If you have more questions feel free to message me. Good luck with your investing. Real Estate is life changing.

Paying for training and mentors is always a charged topic. I've sat all the LU membership levels and can speak from experience. As you upgrade from their basic membership you get access to much more training content. Reach out to me if you'd like to discuss in more detail. I am not looking to sell anything so no worries there.

I agree w/ Natalie.    The 2 day class is great, as is the mentoring, networking, and education available in the PIG program.    I'm not sure if I'd do their single family program, mainly b/c I'm focused on a lot more different SF strategies that what they do.

So how exactly do you start in real estate with no money? 

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You can do apartment investing with them if you're willing to shell out 10,000.  If you live close to one of their offices, they are okay, but out of your money.  You will not get any benefits for 10,000.  Once you hand over the money, that's the last contact they will have with you.  You have to push them to get any information, about apartment deals, and even at the 10,000 price point the "mentorship" is very lacking.

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I just went through the 2 day seminar after joining at the $500 level.  I thought the class was definitely worth the $500 for someone like me with very little real estate knowledge and certainly none as a landlord.  They seem to be steering everyone toward starting as a passive investor in apartment complexes (especially distressed ones) because the potential to upgrade the property and gain a fairly quick return on your money is enticing, but ... $18,000 membership with LS and a minimum of $50,000 to invest on first deal is a bit scary.  It seems to me that this is a good group and can work if you can get in under the right lead investor who will actually turn a property around to add value.  I would love to hear more thoughts on LS as I consider getting involved at a higher level.

I have been a basic member for almost two years.  I am also a Real Estate brokers.  Nothing lifestyles teaches is new. I knew most if not all of it before going to there class.  For the most part I don't attend they meetings anymore.  But what they have helped me with is getting an easy list of contractors that other have used.  This was really helpful because I am living in Austin and wanted to buy in San Antonio.  Also I get their email blasts about new listings.  I could easily go out and buy the properties they are selling with out there help, but I let them do all the work and make the money.  I don't have time to research several different markets, so I let them.  So far it has worked for me.  But I could have done it with out them.

I am a previous member of Lifestyles. The training is good for apartment investment, but unlike the buzz, there is serious potential risk for passive investors. Be very careful. If you are just starting out, think long term hold SF properties and try RICH.

I think that Del Walmsley would be the FIRST one to say that his program is not at all about flipping fact, kind of the opposite, as that would defeat the purpose of his mantra:  "We're not doing this for the money, we're doing this for the Lifestyle..."  Neither the tax consequences nor the hard work of flipping is consistent with what they teach, in my limited experience.  They're more about maximizing cashflow as quickly as possible, keeping tax liability to a minimum by buying correctly/properly using leverage, and not making a second/third/fourth job for yourself (work on the business, not in the business).  I've found the basic membership very eye-opening and valuable.  Once a year - I think in December - he lowers the price of the one-year basic membership for a few days down to $200-250, which I took advantage of, and after going through the online two-day, I felt like I got more than my money's worth.    

And just to clarify, I am only a customer of Lifestyles Unlimited and an avid listener.

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