Have you used yellowletters.com? What kind of metrics did you get?

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Hello All,

This is my first post here. I know yellowletters.com seems to be popular around these parts and I was wondering what your response rate looked like? I am a direct response marketer so I usually see pretty high response rates in our campaigns, like 5%-7%. Those numbers reflect a 3 mailer campaign, spread out over about 10 weeks. The campaign delivers a lead magnet served through LeadPages and then automation through an email auto-responder with Active Campaign to warm up the suspects and turn them into prospects. Also it's all education based, which is completely different. 

All that said we have never ran a campaign like yellow letters before. I am wondering what kind of response rate you have received? Also if I run test, in your experience is 500 mailers too small of a sample size? 

This will my first go at being a Real Estate Investor so any information would be helpful and if I can help with anything I'd be happy too. 

Victor Lopez