Toll Brothers -- Anyone work there or have connects?

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Hello all,

I've got a ways to go before I could make the leap to REI full time and support my family so was looking to transition into a job more closely RE related in the mean time.

A company I've heard about for years and seems to get high marks on and in other publications as far as employee feedback is Toll Brothers Construction.

If anyone here has ever worked here as a Project Manager, or on the development side, would love your feedback, or if you know anyone presently working there who would not mind perhaps conversing with me on the phone or via email I would be more than grateful for the introduction or insite.

Relo for me would not be out of the question to CO, TX, AZ, NM or NV.  I do not believe they are in the KC market.

Thanks in advance

Shane, Toll Brothers is also in SW Florida. Our second home is in Estero, Fl and they did a great job building it. Florida is close to booming again and I know they can't keep up with demand. Sorry I don't know any of the project managers.

@Shane H.

  the real deal... they made it through the 08 to 2010... if its a job you want and like you could do far worse.. good luck

@Shane H.

Good company at least by the numbers. There are others too such as Forest City, Related Company, DR Horton, Lennar, etc. all build higher quality homes and buildings as far as I know. 

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