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Hey everyone... im new in the real estate relm so i have a question.. Im very eagor to begin investing as i want to replace my job with real estate investing full time. My goal is to do investing full time within a 12-18 months timeline..My question is, has anyone heard of Capitol Rehab Group?.. They offer what seems to be a really good deal. They say they will walk you through deals and bring in there resources to do the deals. Of course this comes at a price. Anyone ever worked with them or know someone who has?... Any feedback would be much appreciated....thanks

It is totally a legitimate decision to go with a paid mentor. I my self have spent a ton of money on coaching and seminars. 

However you  need to be away there are a LOT of overpriced and under skilled mentors and gurus out there. I never heard of them but I am skeptical. "we give you access to our resources" is a common come on for the scammer type gurus.  Check them out carefully. Many of these guys are great salespeople but poor coaches. 

thanks ned carey... Since u took the path im thinking of taking witch is paying for a mentor. In your experience what program or who was the best for u as far as mentoring. I really dont have alot of money at all. I am a husband and a father of five. So as u can see not very much expendable cash laying around, hince the reason for my love of a lucrative career as real estate. But i also know theres a lot to learn and many mistakes that can be made. In my position with a family the size of mine and my oldest three years away from college, my time is short and money is limited. I just want to make the best decisions as this is something i can see myself doing until i retire... thanks for the response.....really appreciate it!!!!

@Donovan Williams most of the stuff I paid for was subject specific. It wasn't until I was already successful that I had a paid coach. I couldn't recommend a specific mentor/coach for you. 

Real estate is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a reliable way to get rich slowly. So don't be in a hurry to blow your money on a coach.  You can learn a ton here. there are over 1Million forum posts and just about any question you can think of has been asked before. There thousands of blog posts and the podcasts are a fantastic way to learn.

My suggestion is get a foundation of knowledge first. Then you will be able to better choose a coach as you will have a background to judge their knowledge. In the mean time  you may bump into someone who will mentor you for free (or some form of partnership)

One good place to start is the Free beginners guide under the learn tab above.