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@Jeff Arnett Welcome to BP!! I've used PATLive for about 9 months now. The experience has been great. I have no complaints. I use them for live receptionist services for my direct mail campaigns. They do not qualify lead. They only capture lead's information, then transfer call to me. Of course you can have them qualify lead if that is what you desire. I get sent an email transcript of every call even if it's a hang up. I was using Google Voice before PATLive. Do you know of any other companies that offer services similar to PATLive? I'm currently paying for the basic package. Not sure of all the details regarding user minutes, but I pay $99/month for three lines. I have cut back the number of mailpieces I'm sending every month therefore the number of calls I'm getting has decreased. I'm wondering if there is a more economical solution to my problem but I want to keep the same professional feel. I may be unreasonable in my request because I don't think $99/month is too expensive. I'm just trying to cut expenses if I can at this point.

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E. Harris