Property Manager - Warner Robins, GA

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I've been working with a property manager in WR for the past 7 months that I have no complaints about. 

It's a smaller operation with, as far as I know, one person doing the day to day managing. They're fairly low tech, nothing fancy but I've had no problem trusting them which has worked out well with me being located almost 1k miles away. 

PM me if you're interested or have more specific questions.

Hey, Hunter I have a good recommendation for a property manager. He owns around 10 property's himself and he manages around 10 plus more. He has a team of guys to do a lot of the fixing, so you don't have to worry about him calling an expensive contractor. He has fixed up one of my foreclosures I bought and he just started managing another house of mine. 

Phillip, thank you I will send you a PM.  

Justin - 10% is the going rate but a lot of PM's also want 1/2 the first month's rent on top.  I am looking for a PM that charges a flat 10% rate.

I have a a lot of recommendations from home owners that are happy with me acting as their property manager. I do work for a broker and we do charge 1/2 of the first months rent though. (Price is pretty common if not better than some property managers who charge all of the first months rent) If you would like some recommendations I would be happy to email them over to you.