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The first time I talked to them on the phone it seemed too good to be true! I asked them straight forward questions about there financing and they stated that there interest rate was only 5%. I was amazed by that and asked how they could do that and make money? She stated that they make money from a long term relationship and multiple deals from the same person. I was intrigued and started to do some more research. Come to find out they charge the usual high rates of 15-18%. When I called back and asked why she told me 5% and the websites stated 15-18%, she proceeded to make the excuse that she doesn't use the standard system for figuring interest rate, instead she uses a system that makes it sound as if you're getting a great deal. She clearly knew that I thought it was a great deal and made no effort to clarify. To me that is a red flag. You never want to do business with anyone being deceptive! 

Secondly they require $3,000 up front just to be a member. That my friends is the biggest red flag! You need to run, run run!

just to clarify, I never sent one cent to the company. I just hope I can help people to make there own sound judgement on this company, because even though I'd like to think I'm always right, haha. I have learnt how to pick up on red flags, and wants d to share what they were.


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Thanks for the comment. I'm sorry about the misunderstanding... I listened to the call you had with one of our Investment Directors and she definitely should have clarified that better from the beginning... I apologize. 

The interest rates are a frequent point of confusion. Depending on your credit score... the annual interest rate (APR) is 15-18%. The initial term is 5 months which would mean you pay an effective 6.25% - 7.5% interest on your loan amount unless of course you payoff earlier than 5 months... then you pay less interest... she should have explained this more clearly. I hope this makes sense. I've talked with the Investment Director to make sure she clarifies this properly in the future.

Thank you Jonathan Dick for your response. I am glad you will make sure that the interest rate will be clarified in the future! I still however would like to know why you feel it's ok to charge $3,000 just to be a member? Your company appears to be set up like the traveling scam artists that draw people in with celebrities in there seminars charging thousands of dollars to get there magical system. Only to end up with information that is readily available for free. I was told you charge that $3,000 because previous members never bought a property. So what if they don't, it doesn't cost you one cent! The only reason you would charge $3,000 up front is to guarantee money for yourself, without ever guaranteeing anything for the customer. I have read many complaints from your customers who forked up the hefty gift of $3,000, only to be denied a loan when they find a deal, even when it fits your criteria. Then when asked for a refund of the gift of $3,000, they just get ignored and brushed off. Please don't tell me that $3,000 pays for information on how to flip, because as mentioned before any information you may or may not give, is readily available for FREE! I'm sorry but taking advantage of people who don't know any better is wrong, and Kharma is real. So in conclusion anyone who has done this for awhile can see that your up front fee is at the very least a red flag, and for this I will continue to warn everyone I can to be very wary of your company!

@Jonathan Dick this is totally misleading you can't have a APR rate of 18% then tell some one its an effective rate of 6 to 7%.. APR is APR... your stating this just confuses the issue and sucks a newbie into thinking they are getting 7% money when I fact I am sure your APR with your points is well above 20% apr. ( which is OK

. again smoke and mirrors with you guys to lure newbies into this... Plus if they payoff early your return goes up because the points you charge etc etc.

Are any of you guys licensed NMLS RMLO's  your so call Investment Directors  LOL..

@Mark Kumm   @Jonathan Dick   Mark good points you need not look any further than were this company is based... all the fulfillment companies that back the TV gurus and paid training schemes are based there.. this is what these guys do in many industries but they are very heavy to RE and RE training and figuring out how to get up front money.. they are very good at what they do these fulfillment companies.. I have no clue as to if these guys have a separate fulfillment company running their back end sales and marketing like many do.. But it is an industry that is centered in that state.

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