Any one had any experience with Fass and REDS and FASS PM?

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FASS is absolutely horrible! I have had a number of clients that have used both FASS and REDS. All the clients that have been with FASS have ultimately went to REDS, Holton-Wise, or Keller Williams Greater Cleveland West.

They have a rating of F on Cleveland BBB with 14 complaints and a 0 star rating.  They are managing a property I own in Cleveland, but wont release the rent money to me and will not inform me of what the status is with this property by providing timely reports.  They are now 6 months behind on rent.  I am going to lodge a complaint with BBB and also the Ohio Real Estate Board.  Does anyone know if the Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing will take action against the Broker at FASS.  Has anyone ever had any success by filing a complaint with the State?  This outfit needs to be put out of business.

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