Anyone familiar with Jason Hartman?

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@Phillip Cuilla I am somewhat familiar with Jason Hartman's material.  I listen to his podcasts and have learned quite a bit.  I find his approach to debt very interesting.  He likes linear markets as opposed to cyclical markets and he uses debt as a hedge against inflation.  He is passionate about what he does as well.  I'm not affiliated and haven't spent money with him but I have learned quite a bit from his podcasts.  I'd recommend listening to a few.  I've listened to some of his old episodes from around '07 and his predictions were more accurate than any I have heard.  This is just my two cents.  Some of his podcasts are interviews and some are more about his investing philosophy.  I'd recommend finding some of the latter types to get a feel for if you like his philosophy.  Good luck!


Thanks for your feedback.I have a friend in Texas who invests with Jason Hartman and is having some success. My wife and I have taken the plunge also buying two properties in Florida.I listen to his podcasts all the time-mostly great advice but some of his opinions

require a "grain of salt" .

I just haven't seen or heard much of his name in the forums so I thought I would ask.

Thanks again!

Everything requires a grain of salt… My opinion is included. ;-) 

I've been listening to him for over a year now. He has some great material, I'd recommend it to anyone interested in REI. And thanks to him, one of my rentals that had a ton of equity in it and only 10 years left till payoff. Now has a new 30 year mortgage, 50% larger than its original purchase price!

I intended to buy a few of his properties with those proceeds and had been talking to one of his investment counselors but then an inside deal popped up in a town closer to me that I couldn't pass on.  I still plan to buy some properties from him, I just need to restock my bank accounts first... 

I listened to Jason Hartman's podcast for a long time! He dose have quite a unique view on real estate. Seems a bit idealistic at times, but it is defenently worth listening to! 

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