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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone used Morris Invest for a turn key provider.  If so can you let me know what kind of experience you have had with them.  I like what I see so far just doing my due diligence.  Thanks

Hello Tony!

I'm currently making my first purchase with them... at the moment I'm wondering if this was the right decision.

I see your post it's from April last year, did you end up investing with them?

If possible could you let me know your thoughts?

Thanks a lot!


Disclosure: Current Customer

Hello, this is my first BP post!

We closed a property with them on Feb 14th of this year, that was before we read all the negative news on BP, unfortunately.

We're supposedly in the "rehab" process right now. They've been pretty radio silent since we closed so I've reached out to them today to get a status update. I'll post whatever I have here later.

Lesson learned, do your own research guys no matter how good the numbers sound!


Update: Oceanpointe (supplier to MI) has re-invented itself as Operating out of the same two markets: Jacksonville and Indianapolis. Their website uses an Illinois phone number. Go figure.

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