PSA ONLY-- Maybe this person will come forward with an opportunity to substantiate him/herself.  Conversely, if it's scam, then maybe people can alert others. 

My FT commercially-oriented RE team may be hiring. I was looking for candidates with certain criteria (Real Estate, Legal, Leasing) on CL's Boston pages, and I bumped into one of those 'world-promising' ads referencing the above-noted email address around Providence. Again, daniel teachnor (one word) AT gmail DOT com.

I grabbed the address to see if it was for real, and I put it into a search engine. 

It popped.  All over the country.  SanDiego, Denver, Washington DC, Atlanta, Ft.Lauderdale, SanAntonio... some targeting students (etc.)  No person with that name has an account here. 

As I said, this is a PSA only-- a 'caveat emptor' but no admonishment at this time.  Feel free to contribute if you know anything.   I did this once before when I had a concern about a potential investor, and the BP community replied with great info that was valuable to me, and hopefully to all. 

** For very good reason, I received a 'posting of contact info not allowed' here from BP when I tried to post this the first time.   If this turns out to be a scam, then if some administrator could re-assemble the address so others can search it easily, then, again, I believe this would be valuable to the community.