USREEB experience in the Dayton Ohio area

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I just went through 4 USREEB properties listed for sale in my area and was extremely disappointed. All 4 were dirty, outdated, and way over market value for the area. They market them as turn key but i would like to see a list of any updates that were done besides a half *** paint job in the entrance hallways.  Has anyone had a good experience with them?

I would never consider working with them because of their market places adds. Don't post an add with pretty much just a general text and a link to your website where I need to register to maybe get access to the information on the property. If you want to offer something for sale, just offer it for sale. 

Disclosure: USREEB Sales Consultant

@Josh Sparks I find your comments interesting. What is your experience in real estate, market value, etc? From another post of yours it seems that you are at the very beginning stages of your real estate career, still looking for capital and learning the ropes.  While this is fine, your assumptions and public comments are bold for your assumed lack of knowledge. I am more than happy to educate you on market values, turn-key property expectations, etc.  Feel free to shoot me a PM. Thanks!

@Mackaylee Beach If you’re new to REI you can still have an opinion without needing to be educated by a person who works for the criticized company. Don’t really think you’re impartial as an employee of this company.

If you are new to investing you can still see if a property is clean or dirty. You can still see poor work done in things like painting, tiling, flooring, etc.

It’s very easy to compare a sales price to other properties in the same neighborhood. Combining dirty properties with poor quality work for the same price or higher than other properties in the same area anyone can determine the value.

Somehow your reply just comes off very condescending to me. I hope it’s not meant that way.

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