Seed for Capital seedy characters

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I am not sure about this company that has offered to do my landscaping and Financing (Strange combination!). Has anyone here ever heard about "Seed for Capital" based out of west Virginia? They seem pretty shady, and I would like to expose the scam if that is indeed what it is!

I would view them very suspiciously, I haven't found anything to their name in the local business registry, I hope this message isn't too late to help you!

I have never heard of them, nor do I see any reliable sign on the Interwebs. Best steer clear. I don't think "Seed for Capital" is a valid business supplying seed capital services. 

I remember seeing a very poorly written html website for this company. I would not trust them, the link was chock full of spellings and bad snippets of code. Seed for Capital definitely sound dodgy to me!

I have recently received a very dodgy phone call from "Seed for Capital", the telephone operator had a more obnoxious accent than I do! I believe these guys are 100% fraudulent and you should stay away at all costs. They state they are out of West Virginia, but a google search returns absolutely nothing.

@Hank Wu I just tried to access their webpage, looks like they don't exist anymore. @Barbra Thebenyane , any chance you have any information left on these bad actors? Would be great if we could drag Seed for Capital out into the open for a shame and blaim. 

I am not sure you need to bring them out into the sun. A closed company is a closed company after all.

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