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Howdy. My wife, kendra, is about to get her realty license and we have some questions. She has no intention of being a traditional realtor in the sense of doing open houses or even showing houses. She simply wants it for the following 3 reasons: MLS access, broker the deals for rental houses we buy, and opportunity to sell to our renters when they are ready to buy. We have questions about how to proceed. -Any recommendations on licensing program to utilize? She'd like to knock it out within about a month and be able to do it online. -What brokerage firm to "hang her license"'at? She doesn't want or need an office or traditional setup, but just wants to keep it simple. What are your thoughts? Thank you for your help, -Jim & Kendra Crider

Good question- I’d be interested in the responses on this also!

We are in Dallas, Texas, FYI.


Have her do some interviews with several local brokerages; big and small. some offer additional training, and most don’t care if you work full time or part time. Some do high and low percentages based on hot experience, and some just do a flat fee per month of per transaction. It’s All do different, so go out and have a look see

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