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Hello my respected real estate people,

I currently live in California and am looking to relocate to Washington state to pursue real estate career( I’m a believer of Washington state real estate market). I’m currently studying Real Estate license to become a broker in California (reciprocity) . But before I  become a RE agent, I want to be an assistant to a multicultural/ diverse real estate firm/agents  in Washington. 

(I have a B.A in International Relations/Business, have been working as a PR specilalist, fluent in a foreign language and have been working as Administrative assistant at a company for 1.5 yrs so far)

 In your opinion, what is the effective way to apply for a real estate assistant( entry-level RE job when a non-licensee, salary based) career in washington ? Thank you, sincerely Andrew k

@Geon Kang

I would think maybe you can land something at a company that facilitates managing REITs, or some sort of private equity company that focuses on real estate.  However, these fields / jobs can be VERY competitive to get in to.

Note I don't have any personal experience with this as my path here was engineering , make money, and then simply start investing.

One thought might be to position yourself as a marketer to an A/E type of firm (architectural or engineering) because you could presumably get some visibility into what projects they do, etc.  Would be good experience especially if you can get to know some of the engineers/architects.

Many of these companies would be on a shoe string for budget for this kind of stuff, though.

Why do you want to be an assistant first?

Originally posted by @Jacob Ghena :

Why do you want to be an assistant first?

 I don’t have anything saved up to be a comission based agent yet. 

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