Any one heard about AdvantageU

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Did any one heard about AdvanatgeU. They called me and booked an appointment with a agent who can help me sell my house. I wanted to know the experience of other home owners who ever heard or worked with AdvantageU.

Hi. I am from Rochester and I did received a call from them a while back. They connected me with a local agent for the property I was trying to sell at that time. I met with the agent and he sounded fair and nice but I eventually decided to work with an agent referred by my friend. The company did not charged anything for the appointment though. It was a nice experience for me and you can give it a try too.

I would always trust a referral from someone I know, like, and trust over a referral from a national company that claims to "certify" real estate agents.  I can't speak to AdvantageU's business model specifically, however in general most of these companies "certification" process only involves making sure that the agent has a license and enough money to pay a referral fee.

If you're looking for a referral in your area I'd be glad to make some calls and truly vet a good quality agent for you.  Just drop me a PM with your details.

Hi Joe and Thomas,

Thanks for the replies. I met with the agent yesterday and I kinda liked him. He was friendly, knowledgeable and has given some good  client references. I am considering him as one of the potential choices before I finalize one. And, that company AdvantageU sent me a gift card too. LOL

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