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Hello All

I am hoping to get a little help. I was wondering if anyone has worked with or knows someone who has worked with NLDS Corp also known as Hard Money Man? I am looking at using this company for some of my projects and wanted to see if anyone has had any working experience with them, good or bad?

Thanks for your time!


looks like an east coast lender not sure why you would use them west coast lenders are usually cheaper. And more knowledgable about the market.

Disclosure: Hard Money Lender

@Steven Gough it's good to see that you're vetting lenders before moving forward with a blind offer. As someone in the space, you have to be careful as there are lots of scams out there that will take your money and run. A few tips for ya

1) Ask the lender for recently funded addresses - reviewing with a title agent, or having a real estate agent pull a title search will show if their entity actually had/has a lien on projects in the past.

2)  Ask what funds are required up front - most lenders will charge an appraisal fee around $300-$500 and will usually have you pay the appraisal company directly. If they ask you to deposit the funds into a personal account be weary.

3) Verify the representative/company on social media - LinkedIn or Facebook should do the trick. 

4) Verify company address on Google - google maps, even a phone call to the main office could give you valuable insight into how the run shop.

Hope this gives you some avenues to ensure you're getting into a profitable relationship!


The project is in the East and the hard money lender we currently work with does not cover the area, thus, searching for on that does.


Thanks for the tips. I have done most of those already I am just not finding much on them through these means, good or bad.  There is on bad review but nothing else.  Hoping to hear from someone that has experience with them.  I will keep searching.

Thanks again!

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