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I hopped on a webinar tonight with Maverick Investor Group (promoted by a marketing email from someone whom I trust greatly in this business). It was pretty much an hour long pitch on the St. Louis, MO market and reasons to invest there along with the seller of the properties running through some example properties and numbers. I created an account online with Maverick and placed a reservation on a property I’m interested in. Upon doing so, I was connected with the seller and in the process of doing so, found out that the property management company they’re using is called Vaughn Investments & Property Management. A quick Google search returned no matching results. Had anyone ever heard of, or worked with, Vaughn Investments & Property Management? If so, any/all feedback is greatly appreciated. It appears to be a smaller operation given that the contact information given for that individual has the same last name and the email address is at

I have not heard of them, but a search of the Missouri Secretary of State's website for "Vaughn Investments" returned two entities: 

(1) Vaughn Investments, LLC - a Missouri Corporation formed in 2007 whose registered agent is:

Vaughn, Sheila Ann
899 Locksley Manor Dr
Lake St Louis, MO 63367

(2): Vaughn Investments, which was a D/B/A name for Vaughn Investments, LLC above. I did not see any entities named Vaughn Investments & Property Management or any fictitious name filings / "doing business as" Vaughn Investments & Property Management.

I would, however, suggest that for any person or business that you are considering doing business with in Missouri that you search their personal name and the name of their business on the state courts' electronic records website: and clicking "litigant name search."  You will not have access to the actual court documents but you will be able see information about each case that has been filed by clicking through the various tabs.

Including the person's first and last names and middle initial in the search box after selecting "litigant name search" and keeping the default to search for records in "all participating courts" will ensure the most accurate results. 

St. Louis can be a very block-by-block city depending on where you are investing so I would recommend that every out of state investor talk to someone local and get additional opinions on the area in which they are buying.

I hope this is helpful and good luck.


Thanks @Corey Schaecher . The property is on Ronda Drive in Florissant. Any opinion on the area?

Also, do you have any recommended home inspectors?


There are other investors on BP that are better to speak on the Florissant area than me.  I would search "Florissant" in the forum and see what people are saying, there is plenty discussion about that.  My personal investment focus does not go above highway 64 if you look at map of St. Louis.  Florrissant, which falls above that highway 64 marker for me, is an area that was a very popular and growing suburb and nice place for families to live in the 1970s, 1980s, and early 90s I'm told.  I have several friends who grew up there.  It remains a working class area and has quick access to highways.  

But to my understanding, Florissant and the surround areas were a victim of "white flight" in the 90s and there was a significant financial retraction in North St. Louis - some municipalities hit harder than others.  Including Ferguson, which as you likely know made national headlines in recent years, which is about 4 miles Southeast of Florissant.  Here's a link to an article in TIME on what they describe as white flight in St. Louis that was written after the Michael brown shooting - i make no representations regarding its contents or state that i agree or disagree with what's discussed in it, it just came up in a google search for white flight and st. Louis, nothing more.  I'm sure i could have found articles with other opinions, statements, discussions, etc. but this was the first link.

Certainly I would not turn down a deal i thought was worthwhile simply because it was in the City of Florissant.  The specific street and surrounding blocks for this house, i have no knowledge.  But I would make sure you do your research on the local schools, crime reporting in the area (you can see crime maps and get information from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the City of St. Louis,, etc.).  Search the address in Zillow and Redfin filtered for houses for rent to see what other people are charging for similar houses. 

As far as a home inspector, we most recently used Lou Voss from Countywide Professional Home Inspections and were very pleased and will go back to him again.  His contact information is (BP won't let me post his phone number of e-mail address so PM me for that if you can't find it):

Lou Voss
Countywide Professional Home Inspections
1038 Pebble Beach Dr
O’Fallon, Mo 63366

I would also confirm that if the repairs done required permits, that the permits were pulled and inspections obtained.  You can get a lot of information from property in St. Louis County by searching the property address at

Hi @Mark S. ,

I am not familiar with Vaughn Property management or Maverick so I cannot speak to them, but I can give you a little insight on the Florissant area a little more than Corey. I currently invest, mostly buy and holds, around that area. Florissant is an overall pretty decent area with a lot of investors around and quite a few rentals. So much so that the city imposed some regulations to landloards, including an 8hr class, living within 45 miles, and I believe a landloard license, etc. 

Taking a quick look at the Ronda Dr property, it looks nice but my opinion is that it seams fairly pricey for the area. You can find properties that need some work for quite a bit less all around that area. Just my $.02

@Mark S. I read this post and then went back to my inbox and sure enough an investor I trust from CA sent me an email about Maverick as well so I had to chime in.  @Dan Hoehn and I invest in the area.  I would be interested in the details of the offer and possibly give you a second opinion on it to consider.

Disclosure: Former client.

I’d rather not post the details of my unpleasant experience with Sheila on this forum so please PM me if you are considering investing with her or using her to manage your property. 

Disclosure: Owner

Good afternoon everyone I would like to introduce myself as the owner of Vaughn Investments. I do not recognize Johannes Gilbertson as anyone i have ever worked with or had communication with, and this is the only review of anything ive ever found online about my company since i opened in 2007. I work for over 30 investors in St.Louis, some local, some accross the states. Im a very sought after General Contractor and Property Manager with a fabulous reputation. I have the best people on my team that allows me to be a 1 stop shop from sourcing units, rehab through buyer reports to sale along with rentals through occupancy and property management. I can only assume this is a disgruntled contractor that was let go as there is nothing else negatively said about me or my company.