Hi All,

I'm looking to  invest some of my money and am about to purchase a few 1st lien out of state trust deeds through a company called Secured Investment Corp.  Is there anyone out there that has invested in one of these trust deeds that can tell me they didn't get ripped off? I'm paranoid that I don't know anyone who has done this.  They offer an equity fund, but you have to be vested as a certified investor.  If you purchase an entire trust deed (an entire loan secured by a 1st lien position on a house), then you don't need to be accredited.  The return rates are good (9.5-11% ), of course I understand the risk is I could end up owning a house out of state if they default on loan.  I'm fine with that risk.  I just want to make sure the company I am dealing with is legit.  I did do some research online and all I could find was a little trouble with Dept of Bus Oversight in the past over not properly disclosing something.  Looks like they are affiliated with many off shoot companies including Coco Bank, and maybe some real estate education programs that some people are calling shady.  I'm interested in experience with Secured Investment loan funding as an investor specifically. 

Also, what ways are other people investing in trust deeds?  Thank you!



Heather Thompson