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Hello, BPers!

I’ve been looking into starting my own property management company since real estate investing first peaked my interest. I think it would be wise for me to work in one first to build the skills and insight I will need to be successful. So, because I am a new investor that doesn’t have much experience with any property management companies in the area (Baltimore, MD), I was wondering if you guys might know any good ones. I’d like to start building good habits with a well recommended one than one most people stay away from.

I just sent in my resume to Bay Management a couple weeks ago and have been waiting for a response. Has anyone worked with them before?


I'm not a PM, nor am I in the Baltimore area, but I know a fantastic PM here in our area. She started by managing properties, both residential and commercial, for a local developer, and that's since evolved into managing for investors large and small, as well as HOAs. I'd be happy to introduce you by email if you'd like to pick her brain.

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@Jeremy Hart thanks for responding! I could really benefit from being able to speak to someone who knows what they’re doing so that would be great!


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