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I've seen reviews on these two services and even a thread comparing both of them but they're a little outdated and I'm just wondering if anyone else has new opinions on them? How's your experience been?

I guess I should clarify that I'm looking for information on inherited homes and I believe Rebo offers that but unsure about propradar.

Any new insight would be appreciated.

we Use Property Radar and love it.. not sure about the other one.. 

@Jay Hinrichs Oh awesome! Do their services provide inherited house info? 

And they provide phone numbers don't they? I was looking to cold call and rebo doesn't offer cell phone #'s so I wasn't sure how I was going to do that.

Thanks for the swift reply.

@Ray Hernandez   no Idea my staff uses it I don't personally use it.. but I have looked at it and its AWESOME

@Sean OToole   is the brains behind the operation maybe he can chime in.. !!! :)

Disclosure: CEO

@Jay Hinrichs thanks for the heads up.

@Ray Hernandez , thanks for asking. 

1. Phone numbers - yes, we offer phone numbers, including cell phones, but only in our Pro package.

2. "inherited homes" - I'm not aware of any way to identify "inherited homes" per se, though some services do sell public record probate filings. I haven't found that to be a good way to go after that market, so we don't offer those specifically. That said, I assume you are interested in offering to buy homes after the death of one of more owners. If that is the case there are far better ways then public record probate filings, which happen late in the process, and which often don't involve the sale of a home, or are even involve a homeowner. Here are a few alternatives:

a. Watch obituaries. These typically appear in your local paper (and even on websites) months or weeks before probate is filed. For each one search the name using a tool like our quick search by name. From there you can see all the details on the property, other owners, etc. If all the owners are deceased, then use or a skip tracing tool to find their heirs.

b. Connect with probate attorneys. There will always be cases where folks want to quickly sell, and the attorney will learn this, and likely refer the person to an investor they know and trust, well before the actual probate is filed. 

c. Connect with service providers. I know an investor that tells me that he has worked with mortuaries to "tastefully" display his cash for homes in any condition advertising. Since mortuaries typically receive the body within hours, he clearly is in front of the heirs well before anyone else. Don't ask me how he does that tastefully, I have no idea, and it is honestly hard for me to fathom.

d. Death of joint tenant filings. We do offer these, but they are a bit like probate filings in that they typically don't show up until after a deal has been done.

Bottom line, if this is your niche, I wouldn't waste my time on probate filings, there are better options.

@Sean OToole   since we are ambulance chasing.. one of my old borrowers.. he has his signs up in rest homes.. !! 

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@Jay Hinrichs - Likely with generous kickbacks to the home's owners. :-(

I suppose as long as we're going down that slippery and morbid slope I'll add that I once had an investor ask what I thought of partnering with hospice workers. :-(

@Sean OToole   I think we should change to talking about aviation and snow skiing LOL.

Everyone is anxious for your expansion that's for sure.

Next time your up lets have lunch !

@Sean OToole Hey, Sean, thanks for all the information. 

Yes sorry for the confusion by me saying inherited but probate information is what I was after. I'll look at all the alternatives you provided for sure, thanks for all the detailed info!

I may try another niche if I do decide to go with PropertyRadar because the phone numbers you guys offer; that is a HUGE plus for me because I was looking to cold call. Rebo only offers landline phone #'s and I was told only about 40% of their properties have them. 

Again, thanks for all the info you provided.

We tried Rebogateway (several years ago & more recently - have a current sub to it) and and we were really hopeful about their new Investor Title Toolbox which marries the Listsource equity data together with the rebo property data from the counties.  Unfortunately, it's not a great interface and at least in our trial uses in TN, CA, and WA we just didn't see much response from mailing to that list (compared to what we get with absentee data from Listsource alone).

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@Dev Horn - would love to have you try us vs listsource in CA and WA since it looks like you do business there as well. Unfortunately we are not yet in TN. Let me know if you'd be up for it, I'd be happy to help.

@Ray Hernandez I haven't personally used Property Radar, but I've been using Investor Title Toolbox (ITTB) for about a year now. It's important to note that Rebogateway is a completely different product than ITTB. Both are produced by the same company, but Rebogateway is elementary compared to ITTB. I've pulled close to 100,000 records so far in about every state and the data is fairly consistent across the board. I would say, however, that the filters you can use per county vary. In some areas, beds, bathrooms, and square footage data isn't available. It's unfortunate because I really like using these filters to target my ideal property owner. Nonetheless, I'm having high response rates in all of my markets by using them as my primary list provider. I'm not using the lists to send direct mail to so my experience may be different than other folks that use it. Overall, I would say I'm pleased with it, but there are just a few things about the interface that the can improve on.

Regarding phone numbers, you're not going to find a list provider that provides quality property data and phone numbers. I haven't seen one yet, and if there is one that promises this, then they're likely offering low-quality data. 

I've found that smaller and local list vendors can help out when providing the niche lists, like inherited and probate lists. I would highly recommend searching on Google "Your City-Inherited List Vendor" or something similar. 

@Ray Hernandez

Every probate file has a document titled Duties an Liabilities. On this court-mandated form the PR will provide their name, full address and their landline and/or cell phone number. And if your lucky their e-mail address as well. 

If the PR is out of state (NY, TX, FL, WY, etc.,) they would be more motivated to sell. Here is where your cold calling would be effective.

Also consider Transfer-On-Death Deeds. These are basically deeds that state who the property will pass to upon the death of the owner. This type of deed allows the property to pass to another individual without going through the probate procedure.

Good luck... 

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