Architect in the Massachusetts metro west area

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I’m looking for a good architect to give me the plan so my contractor can start the build up of a house interior. Complete interior with full kitchen 3 beds, full bath etc.

@Brunno Goncalves As a Flipper you must be "driving for dollars" and see some houses under construction, you could stop and ask, when you see something you like...

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@Brunno Goncalves How much involvement do you want/need this Architect to have? Does the alteration involve reorganization of walls? Will permits be required with Municipality? I ask all this because in my experience, clients almost always think an architect's involvement is limited to "just drawing up some plans." 

Hi Bruno,

I'm a licensed architect in MA and specialize in renovating single and multi-family developments. I'm available to stop by the property this weekend to take some measurements and start drafting up plans. You can direct message me to set up a good time.

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