San Antonio Lenders for rental properties

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Hello BP community, I am looking for preferred lenders in the San Antonio area? If any investors would like to share who they use I would greatly appreciate it.  

I am making the move to buy my first rental property and am very excited!

@Anthony Finger   

I will second @Ivan Vera on his recommendation for Corridor Funding. I have worked with Jason Hirko's colleague Jasen Miller on several loans over the last couple years.  

That being said, are you looking for a hard money loan? A portfolio loan? or a conforming loan (conventional or other)?  I know Corridor has a new program for buy and hold investors that has good terms, but there are also a few other HM and Portfolio lenders I can recommend for buy and hold type loans. 

If you plan to use a conforming loan, we've used Armando Barbosa of Vision Mortgage on our personal home and a couple investment properties.  

@Anthony Finger A lot of our clients refinance our loans in San Antonio with Sonora Bank. They have high LTVs on their balance sheet portfolio loans

@Brooke Noth with Guild Mortgage. Can't say enough good things. If you're looking for an experienced investor/lender, she would be a good resource for you. 

@Anthony Finger My go-to lender is Andrew Postell with Gateway Mortgage. He takes the time to explain the intricacies of different loan options and doesn’t seem to tire from all my questions. He is professional and responsive. He is located in Fort Worth.

@Anthony Finger I echo those very positive things @Betty Cruz said about @Anthony Postell.

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