Looking for a good property management firm in Jacksonville

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I was burned by a company called Duval Homes that rented my property to a tenant who did not pay 4 months and did damage in thousands of dollars, looking for another company.


Hi Ofir!

My name is Jessica and I am the Broker of Duval Homes Real Estate. After reading this post, I did want to reach out to you personally and apologize to you. It would never be our intent for you to feel you were “burned” by Duval Homes Real Estate. We service several Domestic and International Investors and in doing so we try to insure all of our Clients are satisfied with our service. I have been notified you and our Property Manager have been in constant communication, as it is our overall goal to help you get your property rented to a qualified tenant with minimal time gaps. At Duval Homes Real Estate we complete thorough background checks on all Prospective tenants. Although Background checks come back with great results, they still have the potential to result in negative outcomes. As in this situation. Our Property Management Team has taken the correct steps to make sure your property was repaired from previous tenant damages and marketed immediately in search for a new tenant. I understand your frustration and after reading the communication between you and our Property Manager it seemed you all were in agreement And moving toward a resolution, which is why I was stunned by this post.
If you wish to move your property over to a new company, we will make sure it is a smooth transition. Your property is currently being shown to potential tenants at the criteria per your request, in hopes to find a tenant that will make your house their home.
Pleas feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss.

Thank you for your time and your feedback, as this helps us to make corrections and be better for all of our Partners.


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