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So, I followed a link from the Bigger Pockets websites for WCAP Financial..... obviously they are a site sponsor so I assume they are a vetted company. But has anyone on here used WCAP Financial or Funding 4 Flipping? I think they are the same company. Just wanted to know who has used them and to ask about their experience and to see if they were legit?

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@David D'Errico

The advertisements you see on the BP site are placed by Google and the ads you see will differ from those I see given our geographic separation among other factors.

It does not automatically follow form the appearance of such advertisements that they are site sponsors (other than indirectly though the services of Google), nor that the BP team has vetted their presence.

@David D'Errico good question, I believe Roy is correct that it is a google advertisement. If you see the ad other places on the web, that will verify your thinking. Also, to my knowledge WCAP Financial and Funding 4 Flipping are connected.

I have a friend in LA who used to work at for them and I have met the founders before, they are great guys. From what I understand, their unique value in the market is their data. They have data for thousands of applications. So they know what scores and income levels get approved or rejected with each back. They use that information to help you know the best places to apply and in what order.

I am curious what is your aspiration in terms of credit. I have personally lined up business and personal credit for real estate before and would be happy to share my experiences and potential pitfalls (e.g. when to consider or not consider a U.C.C. filing).

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