JWB RE Capital in Jacksonville, FL-Anyone have insights on them?

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I'm wondering if anyone has worked with JWB Real Estate Capital in Jacksonville, FL.  If so, I'm curious if you are pleased with the services they have provided as your property managers, and if you are "surviving" with the low returns that their turn-key solution offers.  I'm also wondering if you begin to feel better about the investment over time, and as you become more confident in the performance of the properties they sell you?  Any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

I heard today from someone who bought some of their properties and he said he was getting a net 4% return! How does that get anyone excited? He did mention that it is ultra passive but 4% in RE? I think long term government bonds could match or come very close to that. They are buying anything and everything here in jax. Building new, rehabbing, buying tax deeds, ect etc...I like them because they are setting the comps in local neighborhoods that need improving but I would like to see how thier business model survives without such a strong market.