Anyone ever heard of Equity & Help?

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My aunt asked me to check out this company, Equity & Help Anyone ever heard of them, or better yet worked with them? Would love some feedback Thanks!

I listen to their ad for 6 minutes. They buy homes in foreclosure then sell them to you then you find a buyer for it and then they charge you money every month to collect the money from the buyer you find and then in 20-30 years it is paid back.  The whole time you are getting 12% interest on your money minus their fees.  So to put it another way. I got a property from foreclosure (it might need work) buy it from me and then find a buyer for it and give me $35 a month for 20 years. 

100,000 times interest of 12% over 30 years= total payout 370,300.53 minus the 100k= 270,300.53 minus the $35.00=12,600.00

Not bad money....

But here is the catch you can not use that money for equity, you are not allowed to sell it outright.....

also they say you have to buy 3 houses from them in cash...So spend 300k for 3 houses today or invest in something else.  I guess if you have 300k hanging around you are okay but....what if you want the money out of it sooner than 30 years. 

Also, who can afford to buy a house at 12% interest from you when the normal rate is lower than 6?

Disclosure: I work for Equity & Help

Matt, thanks for the interest. And Michele, thanks for chiming in. I work with Equity & Help, Inc. - just named #128 on the Inc500 List Aug 2019 so growth is very good. Q1 2019 performing portfolio's were averaging 14.43% return. Average equity gain 28.29%. We own properties in over 32 US States now - none in other countries right now though about 45% of our investors are from outside the US. Average family Principal & Interest payment $442.58.

Michele had some points right, some not.

But our program most definitely benefits both investors and families alike - hence the steady and rapid expansion.