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I'm considering investing in a property through Fortune Foreclosures and DJ Thielen.  Anyone had any experience investing with this group?  Thanks in advance for your responses.  

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I work with DJ and Fortune Foreclosures. They are not being wholesaled nor bought from wholesalers, that's just an added cost. Properties are secured and sold directly to the investor. But, I too have nothing against wholesalers, that's how I started; like a lot of us I imagine.

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If I could take my previous comment down - I would!!!!

I was considering it. The deal looks relatively good to start. We decided against in the end for several reasons. I can provide a private feedback if anyone is interested in my experience. I doubt that I would explore any other projects with this group.

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Hello guys listen Dj comes off as a soft toned guy who’s knee deep into helping you Telling u his background an how there gonna sky rocket your business or get your business started or evolved then once he gets your payment he falls back poor communication no follow up from his so called 6figure vp i begged to just let me out of this scheme but he sweet talked me again with more access to more software which i never  ever used i don’t know how to use an i explained to him but he’s the type that gets offended when u call him out on his bs then he Makes you feel like your wrong he flips the circumstances making it seem like your in the wrong an it’s his software this creep ****er is a hustler please don’t waste your time or MONEY the *** hole played me out of 1000.00 bucks a month ago but today 4/23/20 he attempted to draft another 1000.00 but good thing i don’t use that account anymore i didn’t receive the welcome packet nothing i really hope this helps please RUN the other way this POS is a user and a manipulator i hope this helps!

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Wow, he almost got me to sign a 15k contract with him. I would read all the fine print before signing any DocuSign. His VP and VA tried to say that I had signs the DocuSign. Good thing my DocuSign was not working that day. God saved me from making that mistake. Beware

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Originally posted by @Rickey Gilmore :

@Bennie Holcey your lucky after he drafted my account he sent the contract an one of the terms was to not asking for your cash back he’s such a POS it would make my day to catch him in a dark alley!

 Ricky I'm truly sorry you feel that way I spent hours on the phone talking and assisting you and gave you full access to the course I'm happy to assist you as we have hundreds and hundreds of clients over the past 15 years. Feel free to contact my cell and let me know why you would feel this way. I know you quickly QUIT our academy I cannot help people that quit and don't do the work....however if you'd like to contact me and put in the work like dozens of others that are getting results i'd be happy to assist however I can as always ok man.

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Originally posted by @Bennie Holcey :

Wow, he almost got me to sign a 15k contract with him. I would read all the fine print before signing any DocuSign. His VP and VA tried to say that I had signs the DocuSign. Good thing my DocuSign was not working that day. God saved me from making that mistake. Beware

 Bennie-  How are you I'm happy to help and assist feel free to reach out to me anytime ok.

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I spoke with DJ numerous times and he is not a bad guy. He actually has a great program/partnership.  It just was not the right time for me and my family to enter the program. I am not against his mentorship or his coaching. He is great at what he does. I feel like he can bring value to someone business that is getting started or someone looking to network with other investors. I am a truthful guy and I don’t ever like false accusations or slandering anybody’s business. I don’t operate off of emotions, just facts. If I was in a different position, I would definitely consider working back with DJ and his team. I think their business model can blossom with some trusted partnerships in the future.

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@DJ Thielen I am very confused as to what is your agenda? You call me up ask me why did I write a bad review about you when I was speaking only my experience. Then you say if I can write something a little more positive about your Company(Academy), then you would give me and my partner full access to your Slack for free. Now I go to log on the slack app today and you have deleted my account. I am really confused as to what you are trying to accomplish? Please help me understand! I tried to help be as truthful as I can be, now I feel like your not being honest with me.

@Rickey Gilmore Please, help clarify what is really going on here!

They reached out to me too I am always skeptical when they have no real clients on bigger pockets that can verify his so called "system" to me that a red flag right there sounds like another program scam... Unless DJ can post up verified satisfied customers from Bigger Pockets anyone?  Crickets I'm sure

Please do yourself a huge favor and DO NOT do business with DJ or his "partners" !

He seems like a nice guy and loves to name drop, but Ive come to the conclusion its all smoke and mirrors or doesn't speak well of the other people that associate with him. Unsavory business practice

He has been dodging a 10k refund for the past 4 months. We are in the process of exploring legal avenues as others before us have as well. I just wish I would have looked into BBB and other review boards such as before wiring money.

BE CAREFUL one and all

This thread is almost comical. I don't know DJ, have never spoken to him (never intend to), and never heard his name before today. But came across his Instagram and something looked fishy. I'll lay out some research so you can all make your own decisions, but the short advice is: STAY AWAY!

-1. Instagram - Suspicions first aroused randomly browsing Instagram. His account @d.j.thielen has more than 35k followers but his posts regularly have less than 100 likes and 0 comments leading me to believe many of his followers are fake or bought. You can look up a fake follower tool on google to check his account. The one I used called shows that about 40% of his followers are probably fake.

-2. "Best Selling Author" - In a lot of his marketing on the internet DJ claims to be a best selling author. Funny thing is DJ has never written a book. He is the "author" of 1 chapter in a compilation book. When you search DJ Thielen book the only evidence of his book is a bunch of press releases. In case you aren't aware, anyone can pay to have press releases released on the internet and you are in charge of what they say. According to one press release on a website called "PressNewsRoom" his book is called "GameChangers 2nd Edition." A quick google search shows the book has 0 reviews on Amazon and it's primary authors are Nick Nanton and JW Dicks. While DJ only "wrote" one chapter.

-3. Nick Nanton and JW Dicks - Nick Nanton and JW Dicks run a marketing agency (DNA Agency). This agency essentially allows you to pay to become a "Bestselling Author" without even having to write a word. From their website: "Have you been dreaming of becoming an author, but an entire book seems daunting? We have just the solution! By becoming a contributing author we’ll take your message and combine it with other chapters from leading professionals and thoughtleaders® to create a complete business anthology. You can even align yourself with some of our esteemed co-authors such as Brian Tracy or Jack Canfield!"

Better yet, Nick Nanton and JW Dicks, also own a company called the National Academy of Bestselling Book Authors that will essentially give an award to anyone who has a book place in a "best-selling list" on Amazon and will pay them a fee. To see how easy it is to have a book rank on Amazon read this (

Essentially, you can pay Nick and JW and their company to write some content for you, publish it in a book that nobody will likely ever read, and be given an "award" so that you can claim you are a best selling author and use it in your marketing to appear to be an expert and mislead people. If you doubt this at all you can even see DJ as a featured client on their page:

-4. Miscellaneous -

Check out his Better Business Bureau page, that alone should be enough to scare you off:

In this YouTube video DJ posted a few years ago from the fake awards ceremony of his "acceptance speech" the host has a lengthy introduction for DJ (almost surely written by DJ himself) stating that he has been featured on the cover of "Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine." Search google and there is very little record of this magazine. Now it's possible he was on the cover, but its also likely he probably paid for that like he did his book to use in his marketing.

Lastly, when I first read through this thread I saw Bennie Holcey's initial negative comment, followed by a revised comment with a completely different tone praising DJ. I instantly thought to myself that's strange I bet DJ contacted him and told him to write something positive. Only to find that a few comments further down that is exactly what happened and Bennie called him out on it.

Overall this guy just seems shady, and it doesn't seem like he has any real credibility or expertise other than spending money on marketing tactics to dupe people into thinking he is some well-known real estate expert. In reality this guy is unknown, and seems to have a sketchy reputation. Finally, I'd be weary of anyone who goes to such great lengths to falsely promote their "achievements" and "successes" when in reality it seems DJ has no notable achievements to speak of other than briefly playing for the San Francisco Giants 30 years ago.