Bridgehouse America total scam

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We had say an ad on hotpads advertising a house for rent to own lease offer, this appealed to me after being recently divorced. I had recently owned a house for 19yrs but had racked up a ton of debt in attorney fees. We signed a lease agreement on 12/28/18 and were set to move into a house on 2/1/2019, however on 1/26/2019(the owner had expressed that she decided she wanted to sell the house sooner, about 1 month after signing the lease). On 1/26/2019 she called Mario to tell him that she didn't want us to move in, so this created many problems for us, we had given notice to our current rental and had given Mario a cashier's check for $10,000 and gave him cash for $1600 for the rent. Mario had told us that we would get all of our money back initially but now is trying to tell me there is an assignment fee?? How does that work if we never moved into the house and the owner terminated the lease?? We are approaching 5 months since the deal was terminated and I still have yet to receive any of my money back, which was promised to us after the owner terminated the lease by not delivering the house.  We still tried to work with Mario but where still left without a house.  In fact I sent him 95% of the leads and when I asked him again for our money back, he panicked and said he would work his butt off to get us a house, which was a complete and utter lie. Now he has been given me nothing but lies and empty promises. I sent the check, I'll send it certified mail or Ups, my personal favorite, I am in California until July and I still have yet to receive anything from him. Then he started to claim he was owed money under the assignment fee, but after reading the lease the only thing that was stated if we were to get a house or if we opted out, neither of which happened, so my question is how does he think he's entitled to anything when he didnt deliver a house to us and the lease was terminated by the owner??? When I asked him to send me a cashier's check, he sent me a rude text telling me I have no right to demand his I get my money back. He has been really rude to me, even to go so far as to accuse me of being on drugs because I am demanding all my money. He keeps dragging it out I just want all my money back!! I have many texts to back up all of what I am saying. I am so sick of the games and lies. He was super nice and seemed trustworthy. But now after dealing with him and me asking for all my money back, he's been completely rude, while holding my money hostage for the past 5 months, its disgusting that I have to keep asking for my money back, especially when he has no right to any amount of it. I would not every recommend working with this company, they promise you the world and don't deliver. This is all based on my personal experience with Mario. 

Very similar situation to Kristy.  Except we are the owner of the house.  However, our tenant, who did move in, has been asking for her money back for several months to no avail.

My name is Rick Stewart andsince this website does not allow me to post my email, you can find me on FaceBook. If you contact me I can give you court documents and my attorney's information to verify that after THREE MONTHS of receiving zero rent, we had to forcefully evict (unlawful detainer) the tenant that Mario/Bridgehouse screened and moved in. Tenant moved in April 1, 2019. Mario served 3-day pay or quit on June 1, 2019, but did not follow up with the unlawful detainer, but kept telling us via text, that "he was working on it". Finally, we served the 3-day pay or quit on July 8, 2019, went to mediation Aug 20, 2019, trial Aug 22, 2019.

Despite the contract clearly stating that Bridgehouse would pay us rent regardless of whether tenant pays them, Bridgehouse taking care of all damages to property....we have not received any money from Bridgehouse. Despite Mario claiming that "we are waiting for court date because tenant is contesting"....we had to get the court date and forceful removal in 36 days.

How did we get a court date and unlawful detainer BEFORE Mario could get a court date when we started our 3-day pay or quit a MONTH AFTER when Mario served the tenant?  Because, as our attorney found out through court documents, Mario/Bridgehouse NEVER filed the paperwork to evict the tenant.  If we would not have filed our paperwork, our tenant would still be sitting in our house and not paying rent. 

So it is pretty obvious that Mario was lying to us. He never did the court paperwork. Never filed for a court date. He took $5,995 from the tenant and now has went silent. I have not heard from Mario in over 2 months. Nobody ever answers the numbers listed on their website and of course he doesn't answer his cell phone.

This is suprising to us because Mario is very nice on the phone.  A person who comes off as someone you can trust.  He is a very smooth talker....

If you email me, I will provide you all proof. I am a high school teacher, not a landlord. We just wanted to sell our house, but now is completely damaged and will need thousands in repairs. We are also out 4 months of rent.

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I have been in contact with Mario since 12/2018. I have been really been going after him. I did notice on the BBB site the company changed its name to Bridegehouse, in March 2019. I asked Mario about it, and he claimed it was still bridgehouse America,  however I do have a Colorado cell phone # and their is a 623 # from Arizona. He has paid me thus far $1500, he has called me a names, he even screenshot his account information.  I will definitely be looking you up on Facebook. He told me he bought a house in LA, just recently. I text him and irritate him as much as possible.  He has been responding to me. I thought he was trust worthy but apparently not. It would be easier to send the information via email. Thank you for contacting me regarding this matter.  

After 24 days of not hearing from him, he texted me after reading my complaint on Better Business Bureau.  He called me a racist and said to never contact him again.  My wife's name is Cruzita Avila, daughter of a hispanic field worker born in Mexico.  We are 100% not racist.  

NEVER CONTACT HIM?  The tenant that he moved into our house has lived rent free for 3 months and our house is damaged.  We have a contract with Bridgehouse that says they will pay for damages.  We had to evict her....but now Mario says NEVER CONTACT HIM?  smh.

BTW, when he did respond to me yesterday (Aug 10, 2019), His initial response was "I thought she moved out 3 weeks ago"...then I told her that she was still in there and if you though she moved out, then why not contact us to tell us she moved out?  His response:  "I had no idea, I am sorry".   (email me....I have copies of all these text messages)

I asked him why he told me 8 times that "they were working on it" and "there would be a court date"...of course no answer.

His reason for calling me racist is based on the information I posted on this thread about the warrant for a guy in Colorado.  You can read it and judge for yourself how that is a racist comment.  There is nothing racist about what I posted.  

UPDATE:  Mario from Bridgehouse and I talked over the phone this morning.  FINALLY!  Although I do not agree that I was being racist, it has never been my practice nor intention to get into a name calling incident, so that post he found offensive was removed.

His website that is on BBB is

That site is no longer active, so I was correct in my statement.  His company has relocated from AZ to CA and is now

He verbally agreed to pay me June rent tomorrow (Mon Aug 12, 2019) and stated to send him repairs for damages the tenant caused.

Here is hope that this can be resolved amicably.   

I will update this post once I receive the money we are owed.

UPDATE: Mario from Bridgehouse and I are communicating on a daily basis and he asked that I post this update:

As of Mon Aug 26, he has verbally agreed to pay our handyman bill of $185, the June rent of $1,400, and the damages to our home caused by the tenant.  No money has been paid nor received yet since the tenant is still in the home.

We had to pay out of our pocket the $500 to evict and another $500 for a real estate attorney.  On Aug 22, 2019 we got a judgement against the tenant for July, Aug, & half of Sept rent.  The tenant must move out Sept 15, 2019.  The judge allowed the tenant to pay $250 monthly payments until the $3,500 in back rent is paid up.

Mario from Bridgehouse has verbally agreed to schedule & pay for the contractors to go in an repair our damaged home once the tenant moves out on Sept 15.   He does not want to pay the June rent until we are sure how much the damages are to the house. 

Obviously we are going to be out the rest of Sept rent due to the repairs.  We are out $1,000 in attorney & court fees.  And we won't see June rent until end of Sept and the back rent will not be paid up until Nov, 2020.   

We are not landlords.  This was the home we raised our children in and have held on to it to avoid capital gains tax.  But after this episode we are going to sell the house and get out of the rental business.


On Mon Aug 26, 2019 agreed via email to pay our handyman bill of $185, the June rent of $1,400, and the damages to our home caused by the tenant if we took down our reviews (which we did) and close the Better Business complaint (which we did). No money has been paid nor received as of this review on Oct 30, 2019.

We trusted all these broken promises, but it is now Oct 30, 2019 and not one cent has been paid.

The tables turned for the worse after we filed our Better Business complaint and posted negative reviews of Mario Robert/Bridgehouse online. Now he sends awful text messages (I will gladly send them to you), with screen shots of all the money he has in the bank, threatening to “crush us in court”. When you post negatively online he threatens slander lawsuits.

When we read all the reviews, every victims story was the same as ours. We have had the chance to compare our text messages with other victims and they are eerily similar, including the screenshots of his bank-account he sends when threatening to “crush you in court”.

Our tenant was a single mother of 3 whose husband had just recently passed away. She gave Mario Robert of Bridgehouse $7,995. Another victim was also a single mother of 4 who gave $11,900. This list goes on and on which I will gladly provide if contacted.

If you are interested, look at the 30 negative YELP reviews. Make sure you click the link below the reviews that says “24 other reviews that are not currently recommended”. Also google the negative reviews on this website. There are three court cases involving Bridgehouse and its owner, Mario Robert at the Justice Court in Maricopa county in Arizona (case numbers CC2018-219950, CC2018-250364, CC2018-065079).

Two victims, each owed over $10,000 by Bridgehouse (both posted YELP & BiggerPockets reviews) will swear that the person they met at the Bridgehouse America offices in Colorado is the same person who appears in some very negative news articles in Colorado.

I will let not offer my opinion but let you judge for yourself once you have read the articles.

Bridgehouse-America is owned by Mario Robert. He might be going by the name Mario Robert Garcia. Other companies associated with him are “The San Clemente Group” and “Flip Team”. According to the Better Business Bureau, he moved the business from Colorado to Phoenix, AZ and then to Scottsdale, AZ. He is now BRIDGEHOUSE INVESTORS in Mission Viejo California. The Colorado, Arizona, and California businesses are all using the same phone number.

If you contact me, I will provide you all proof of what I have posted. I am a high school teacher, not a landlord. We just wanted to sell our house to pay for my leukemeia treatments but are instead having to use that money to cover the $12,970 in damages that incurred as a direct result of the fraud and willful deceit of Robert Mario Garcia, CEO of BridgehouseAmerica / BridgehouseInvestors.

I tried very hard to make this review as factual as possible.

If you have been victimized, please contact me. There is a growing group of victims who have banded together to make sure that Bridgehouse and its owner, Mario Robert Garcia stops doing this to other people.

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We've had issues with Mario and his various business ventures.  We are still owed a portion of our security deposit which I do not think I will see, but I wanted to reply to what i read here to confirm what you are saying; before of doing business with this company.

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the security deposit was paid.