Vacasa Property Management for a first property investor

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Hello Community I'm an OOS newbie from New York looking to purchase my first property in the next 3-6 months in Florida, I thought of self managing but decided on a Property Manager for the first year, has anyone worked with Vacasa, if so please tell me your experiences, does anyone recommend other Management Companies that they can recommend and have had a great experience? Thanks all for your guidance and advice....

@Lorraine Patterson - I was a Vacasa customer then worked for them signing 80+ properties here in 14 months.  I JUST got off the phone with one of their current customers reporting $7k in damages and another customer earlier today who is searching for an attorney to sue them over fraudulent charges he can prove. I can give you my top 3 choices here locally. Vacasa has AMAZING marketing & online technology but ZERO ability to handle operations in this market.  They are my absolute last recommendation after hearing firsthand & seeing firsthand as a customer how they fail to manage the statements / maintenance. They will be losing a huge portion of business here this fall; I'm getting calls weekly with customers ready to move from them. PM me for my top 3 choices to interview.