Feedback on Philadelphia Turnkey Providers

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Hi Philadelphia BP members,

I am starting to speak to local turnkey property management providers in the Philadelphia or Philadelphia Suburban market to make my first REI purchase. I'd like a single company that can help find a property, renovate if needed, place renters, and manage the lease. The 3 companies I keep coming across is TCS Investments, Turnkey Property Pros, and ABC Capital. I've seen older discussions on BP for some of the companies but no recent recommendations. I am looking for feedback from this community on any experience dealing with any of these companies or others you have come across that are worth considering. Thanks for the guidance!

Disclosure: I may make a referral fee for referrals to certain turnkey companies (but not all)

Don't go with ABC (and I do make referral fees from them). I don't know anything about TCS directly but have heard they may be good. TPP is super solid! I can make an intro for you to their head guy if you want me to. He's a great guy and I've known him for a number of years.

Hi @Chintan Parikh .  Yes, I am using TCS and have a closing scheduled on my first property in Philly next week.  They have been easy to work with leading up to the deal so I am looking forward to closing and getting started on the rehab.  It is still early days, but so far I am happy with the people and the process.  I can share more details when the project is  complete and I've placed tenants.

@Alan Y. I have heard great things about TCS from my investors. They deliver the complete package and have one of the better management companies in the city. @Elyse Choi works over at TCS and can give you a good rundown of how the company works

Looks like my previous post was a little late! Did not read the follow up comments, whoops! Well, you made a good choice by the sound of it