Minneapolis Property Management

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Trying to find a respectable property manager in Minnesota, the twin cities.

I am faced with a career change and I think finding a consistent job at a reputable property manager or another real estate business would be a good next step in my real estate investment.

Any opinions on a good field seek entry into or a good company to inquire into would be much appreciated.

Disclosure: I am a loan officer

@Jake Williams Just make sure any position you take his W-2s in full time so that you can continue to invest otherwise you were considered self-employed and will take a minimum of two years before you’ll be able to qualify for a traditional loan. 

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@Jake Williams We work on an industry level with Deb Newell from Real Time Property Management out of Eagan.  Not sure if she is in your exact area where you are at but she is a good person locally that can point you in the right direction if not. If you want send me a PM and I will connect you.