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Hey guy's,

I'm looking for reviews on Memphis invest. Want to see if anyone has good and or bad things to say about them. Maybe we can connect and talk about your experiences.

@Taylor Holden I have been investing with Memphis Invest for about 4 years. I currently own 7 rentals that I purchased from them and that are currently managed by their property management team (Premier Property Mgt).

I can say from first-hand experience that they are outstanding.

1. Chris Clothier is top notch. I have met and talked with Chris personally, several times, and he has always been extremely responsive and very professional, while also being a very down-to-earth guy.

2. Their team stays close and supports you through the entire purchase and Closing process. They keep you informed, communicate with your Lender, Title company, etc. They make the purchase and Closing process very easy.

3. Their property management team is excellent. They communicate to me on a regular basis. Even if there’s nothing really going on (which is a positive thing), they call me to just let me know all is well. I have had a few mishaps with some of my properties, and they have always managed it with very proactive communication, clarity, and professionalism.

4. They really specialize in their markets. If you notice, Memphis Invest is not in all the “hot” markets all over the country. When I started with them, they were only in 3 markets. Now I believe they have expanded to about 7 or so. This is because they’re strategy is to specialize and be experts in serving those markets. They go deep rather than wide.

Finally, I will say this...when I decided to invest in Turnkey rentals, I researched and reached out to a handful of companies. When I talked to Memphis Invest, it felt like they were interviewing me just as much as I was them. I mean that in a good way. They want to make sure that it’s a mutually good fit for both the Investor and Memphis Invest. I liked this.

Chris Clothier is on BiggerPockets pretty often, so I’m sure if you search for him you can find plenty of discussions where he elaborates more on their approach, answers questions, etc.

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