New Agent! Questions to ask potential Broker.

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I am days away from taking my Florida State Exam & I want to be proactive in choosing the right brokerage to work with.

& just some quick insight on me I am located in Key West, Florida. (Born and raised). Big real estate market and very competitive. Location, Location!

I have my mind narrowed down to three Real Estate companies: Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, & Vacasa. As of right now my main objective is to get the best training possible; everything else is second to that. I’d appreciate any info. on these 3 companies, as well as any other companies that you may recommend. I am open minded and I like to explore all options. Pro and Cons, tips, etc.

Hi Austin!  Congratulations on taking the leap into real estate!  I'm a licensed real estate broker in Key West and work with Preferred Properties.  I'd be happy to chat with you about our company and the benefits of working with a boutique firm; if you're interested shoot me a private message and we can set it up!  

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