What are some alternative Clayton Morris turnkey companies?

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Disclosure: Turnkey Provider

Originally posted by @Mary Ann :

What are other turnkey companies for a newbie? Thanks!

 There are plenty of TK providers on here. I would search the forums and see what comes up. Also, if you know what market you want to get into, that may help as well.

I always suggest making sure it is a TRUE TK provider. They should own the own first, renovate it in-house, place a tenant prior to closing and then handle the management also in-house. 

Try looking at:

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@Mary Ann

Unless things have changed from my conversations with them few years back, they require investors to provide funds up front for acquisition and renovations. This is not how most turnkeys company operate. They do the renovations first and then sell you the property. Never pay upfront for rehab whether you're going through a "turnkey" company or doing it on your own.