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Hi all,

I'm looking to get into turnkey rentals - I have had an initial phone call with Zach and Eric, and Eric so far has been responding to my questions via email. I've read a lot of good reviews on Zach and his company on here, so I'd like to hear more from him as well if I decide to move forward. I also have another turnkey company that I'm interested in that was recommended to me by a friend. He's doing well with them so far. So I'm currently trying to figure out who would fit my goals and criteria the best. For everyone who has invested with Rent to Retirement, how has it been going? Are you continuing to invest with them? Any tips you would recommend or that you wish you knew beforehand investing in turnkey? Looking to hear some feedback, thanks all!

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@Jonathan Shnoravorian

I'm going to help you get the answers you are looking for & connect with some people that would be able to answer your questions. @Joseph Schweizer @David Hoshi @James Lee  can you assist Jonathan?

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Hi @Jonathan Shnoravorian !

I closed on a property in October 2020 with the help of Rent To Retirement. The whole process from intro phone call through closing was great. Also, the experience owning the property is going as expected so far. My goal for 2021 is to save capital and make another investment towards the end of the year. 

I would be happy to discuss more!

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@Jonathan Shnoravorian

I'm currently under contract for 2 properties. I've only heard good things on hear about them... they are more of like a "middle man" that has the network in a bunch of markets. They are great so far and seems like everyone in the network is pretty solid. The return emails, phone calls, never leaving me in the dark. I will definitely post an update with my first property and the process as soon as I get a tenant in there so I can include all details from beginning to cash in the bank! Aside from them as a company. I haven't seen ROI's like that anywhere.. for me personally I'm after cash flow and principal pay down. If the numbers are what they show in their pro formas then id say it's hard to beat. Here in Hawaii you will get negative cash flow for pretty much anything you purchase! Lol. Appreciation is a different story though down here.

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@Chase Maglangit

Thanks for the kind words!  We do our best to set our investors up for success.  Just to clarify one of your points, some of our properties we have partnerships involved in different locations, and some properties we own & operate 100%.  The duplex you are buying in Indiana is an example of one of those properties that RTR owns 100%.  Our expectation is same for all properties even if we do have partners involved.  We want to ensure the homes are in good condition & leased to a well vetted tenant.  Please also understand that in rental real estate not everything will work out perfectly, but we do our absolute best to control the many variables rental real estate has to set you up for long term success.  That is why it's vitally important to build a well rounded portfolio with multiple streams of income, which is exactly what you are doing.  You're off to a great start.  We look forward to building a long term business partnership with you!

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@Jonathan Shnoravorian

Here's a quick overview of my past experience with Zach and his team.  This year I personally along with my wife closed 2 deals with Zach and his team and I'm currently working on a third deal with a good friend of mine.  Based off of those first couple sentences you could assume I have pretty good experience dealing with the company so far and you would not be far off base.  That being said it took me over a year before I choose a turnkey company to work with and there were a lot of emails and calls going back and forth.  During that year Zach and his team were always super responsive and understanding of me taking my time.  When it was time to pull the trigger they were with me the whole way and giving me advise as we continued to make progress towards closing.  Lastly one of the best parts of working with this group are the resources.  They can connect you with lenders, insurance companies, PMs and inspectors, your team in which ever state you decide to invest in with them is set. 

Sorry for the long reply but hope this helps.

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