Has anyone ever worked with Tyler Deveraux?

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I attended a weekend long event where Tyler was the presenter for RE Mentor a few years ago and I can tell you that Tyler is the real deal. He was so knowledgeable, sharp, and an extremely talented speaker. You'll be entertained and you will learn a ton. He has the experience to answer ALL of those questions and doesn't shy away from it. He's there to teach. It's worth mentioning that at my event, there was a heavy mentorship program that was pushed at the end. I don't know if he's working a similar structure now but the event was worth it regardless.

Disclosure: I am a satisfied customer.

@Christopher Hildebrand

We have attended and subscribed to his services. Tyler is a wealth of knowledge and cares about his students. He has built a remarkable team and they are all dedicated to your success. Tyler keeps it real, is extremely motivating and I couldn’t sing his praises enough.

If you go, you will not be disappointed.

If you subscribe, you will not be another number, you become family.

Disclosure: I am a customer. I do not get paid to promote.

Hey There Christopher,

Wow, it's hard to realize that you are asking the same questions we were in April 2019. We were blown away by Tyler and his team back then. He literally opened our mind up to an entirely different business opportunity than we even knew existed. In these short years have built a fantastic team in Quattro Capital, closed 10 apartment complexes during the global pandemic and continue to love collaborating with the whole Multifamily Mindset team. 

If you're interested in multifamily real estate investing, Tyler's a great one to introduce it to you. 

There are some real charlatans out there. But Tyler operates with total integrity and high values. Plus he and his team genuinely want to help people succeed in both life and business. You're welcome to reach out directly if you would like to talk.

Hope you enjoy the weekend! Give him a big hug from me. :)


I have been to several real estate events. You will get the typical pitch for a mentorship program at the end. I bought into the program and then into the higher mentorship program as well. 

Tyler has delivered and his team have provided the best mentorship experience to date. 

The three day event, which is pitched at the free event, is absolutely worth it. Tyler and his team, especially Melissa, give enormous value. They give the tactical basics to getting started in multifamily. 

Great value and an even better team!  

@Christopher Hildebrand

Tyler Deveroux is the TRUTH! On my journey to Greatness, I had the opportunity to be amongst Tyler and Multifamily Mindset team whom impacted my life in a way that I am forever grateful. Not only have I been taught the path towards financial freedom through multifamily real estate, yet has also help me discovered my purpose in life through growth mindset. My life has shifted tremendously since, education is key to success. Knowledge is power and Tyler is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I am grateful for him and his team. They provide phenomenal VALUE. 

Best Regards 

Tuyet Forrest

Tyler, Ryan and their entire team as well as all the members belonging to the Multifamily Mindset family are the real Mccoy. Incredible group. The most positive powerful people my wife and I have ever worked with. Such energy and sharing with one another.

They will move touch and inspire you.

You will want to know these people.

I attended to the free introductory event with Tyler years ago. I was impressed of how much information I got from a free event, of course, at the end they will pitch you about the full program but the event is totally worth it anyhow. 
I did also signed up for the 3 days event and ... wow... Tyler is the second man that change my life (my husband being the first of course :) ) I was blown away with the knowledge I got at that event. 
I started from 0 when I meet Tyler and now I have a successful Real Estate business on my own. After these years in the business and knowing Tyler and his partner Ryan, I can say that they have everything you need: Experience (they own many door themselves) , Knowledge and Care ( they really care about your success, they help and connect people in a way that no ones does).

If you are looking for the best, you won’t regret to meet Tyler. 

I am going to his 3 day mastermind in a few weeks and am happy to hear the positive reviews here.  I am curious what other products / mentorship programs I am going to be pitched.  Can anyone that has gone to the 3 day event fill me in?  I’m not afraid to spend money for worthy coaching but I also don’t have $25k to drop on a program.  Thanks

Disclosure: I am a current student

I would say they made a lot of promises that they haven’t kept and paint a very unrealistic picture with an extremely high pressure sales scheme that does a disservice to the vast majority of their students. Their main sales pitch is that they will teach you how to make more money by charging your investors double the industry average acquisition fee.

During the high pressure sales presentation they pressure people into finding ways to pay for their $35-40k program. They told them that this investment will change their life and that money in a retirement account or 401k is worthless. Urged them to make a withdrawal and pay the tax penalty because this program, training, education will change their life. They also told people to stop sitting on home equity and tap into that as an asset to use for education and build a better life. These things should NEVER be considered in an educational program much less a program that has self serving owners with over-hyped experience and credentials.

Students have been squeezed out of deals that their coaches are involved with. They have agreed to sponsor multiple deals with students and then backed out of them causing their students to lose significant amounts of earnest money. Other students have told us that Ryan Woolley one of the founders has bad mouthed his students to brokers. These particular students were so mad they broke their contract with Multifamily Mindset just to not be associated with Ryan and Tyler anymore.

When you ask their coaches and team members how many deals they have done and how many doors they are in it is very difficult to get them to actually tell you. The truth is very few of their coaches and staff members have much experience in the space at all.

I was really excited to sign up as I think their first student when they started making their rounds in the fall of 2020. I talked with Ryan quite a bit and he said that they would do deals with us and would sponsor us and wanted more than anything to help us get into our first deal. I wanted to get in on the ground level with the hopes of growing with their brand new education company but quickly saw how they operate and realized that’s not what I wanted. It immediately seemed evident that they were much more interested in taking the $35-$40,000 tuition than actually helping their students get into deals. None of the very small handful of students I have spoken with that are currently partnering with Ryan and Tyler on deals are happy with them and feel like Ryan and Tyler only have their own best interest at heart and don’t really care about their student’s success beyond lip-service.

We found a 188 unit deal in Columbia South Carolina and Ryan had actually already underwritten it but he missed the fact that the T 12 actually only had 11 months in it instead of 12 so we caught it and Multi Family Mindset's internal underwriter really loved the deal. My partner was messaging back-and-forth with Ryan, he said to put in the LOI and gave us the price to put it in at.

But then it was a nightmare of communication, we soon realized that we had to do a bunch of songs and dances to convince them to sponsor our deal, it took 4 or 5 days for them to make time to sit down with us only to tell us that we needed to schedule another meeting in another 4 or 5 days to get Tyler on the phone and let us try and convince them to sponsor us and by that time someone else was awarded the deal and we lost out. It felt like Tyler was in his ivory tower in Hawaii and too busy to waste his time with students after he gets us signed up. Furthermore, it sounded like they were mad at us for using their name on our pitch deck to the broker when we thought that was the main reason we are signing up with them, to leverage their experience and credibility as a sponsor.

We were super disappointed, but to make things worse I heard later that Ryan Woolley was telling other students that we didn’t have our act together and it was a bad deal. But it was our first deal of course we didn’t have our act together and his underwriter said it was an awesome deal.

Needless to say we were pretty disappointed, so shortly after that another student reached out to us and told us that Ryan and Tyler had agreed to sponsor them 4 different times and backed out of each one causing the students to lose earnest money. We decided to team up and try to take down our first deal together because they had reliable sponsors to sign on the loan and it seemed like we were working well together, at first at least.

During the same time a different student that came through the high pressure three day course with us found a deal and had my partner help him underwrite it. He said he would bring him on to the deal but a little while later we found out that they were awarded the deal, but they said that MF Capital, Ryan Woolley and Tyler Deveroux’s company took way too much of the pie for them to have anything left over to bring us in on. But we were lucky to not be a part of it. I have been told the students currently have about $200k sunk into the deal. Issues keep coming up and the students asked MF Capital to help with the $50k extra the lender is requiring. I was told they flat out said no and the student was pissed. Then one of their coaches threatened to back out but the student finally was able to get through to Tyler, they worked it out but now they need even more money for the contract extension. It has been super messy and if this doesn’t close the students will be whipped out and loose 100’s of 1000’s of dollars.

But we kept working with the former students, the other two students who lost the earnest money after Ryan and Tyler backed out. And one night they call us and told us one of her contacts partnered on a deal with Ryan and Tyler but they had to dump their ownership in it because MF Capital was not allowed to do business in Texas anymore. I have no clue if this is actually true or not but this is what we were told.

Then shortly thereafter the same person called both my partner and myself and said that my Multifamily Mindset coach had called her and was trying to “squeeze into a deal we were working and was asking how much value are we actually bringing and was trying to convince her to remove people from the deal”. She was super mad at my coach. She was being diplomatic and didn’t say specifically it was me and the other Multi Family Mindset student but we got the impression he was trying to get us pushed out of it so he could move in and get a bigger percentage.

A month or so went by and then next thing I know we had to learn by a social media post that my Multi Family Mindset coach had a new deal with the two former students who we had partnered with on this same deal. So, I called my coach and he got super defensive and was threatening that he was recording the call and was going to send his lawyers after me if I involved his name.

It just seems like it’s been one thing after the next, I recently spoke with another group of students that had an accepted offer and Ryan and Tyler and their partners backed out on that deal as well possibly ruining a broker relationship for their students. It just seems like they are very reluctant to do deals with their students and help them succeed. But the problem is none of their coaches can/will sponsor deals either. I just feel like you’d be way better off joining one of the larger multifamily networks that has actual resources and successful students.

I really truly believe that Ryan and Tyler started off with good intentions, but I feel they saw how much money they can make off of tuition and have made a ton of promises that they haven’t kept. I have tried to get on the phone with Tyler to talk through this with the hopes that he can make corrections but to no avail. He does a great job of acting like he cares but when it actually comes down to action it’s a whole different story. I have talked through all this with another student and he feels like what they are doing could be considered criminal and is talking to a friend of his at the FBI. I don’t really know about all that but I do know I’m super disappointed in the whole thing. I hate having to write all this but I feel bad for all the people who have given Ryan and Tyler money they don’t have to spend after listening to his high-pressure and very unrealistic sales pitch about making easy millions.

Tyler, you were called for so much more than this, I believe you have an awesome heart but all this got away from you. Ryan, you don’t need to make dirty jokes all the time and then turn around and talk about your faith.

Disclosure: I am Tyler Deveraux

Wow, I am just seeing all these kind replies!! Sincerely, thank you so much for the kind words! 

I’m also just seeing your reply Zach, there is so much to unpack there that I don't even know where to start... which I'm sure was your intention... so well done. 

First thing I want to say is, I'm sorry that you have this perspective. If I know anything, it's that I/we are definitely NOT perfect and we can always do better. The toughest part about starting an education program is knowing that I can't MAKE anyone successful. That success ultimately comes down to the actions of the student. All the other individuals who have commented on This Thread get that, and I love them for it! I also appreciate the kind words more than they'll ever know.... especially after reading your post.

I've been accused of a lot in my life, but NOT CARING has never been one of them. It's because I care that I'm even taking the time to reply back to you. Zach, this reply isn't for anyone else but you.

You accused me of a lot of things here my man… a lot of things that simply not true. I’ll cover a few of those for you as well as try to offer some advice.

“Students losing EMD from us backing out of a deal.”

-We have only backed out of 1 deal that we were sponsoring for a student and WE WERE the ones who lost the EMD, not them. We backed out of that deal because there was a freeze that hit Texas market, and that freeze caused a bunch of plumbing issues. We tried to get an extension so that we could get an inspector to scope the pipes but the seller wouldn't grant that extension. Moving forward blindly on that deal would have put our investors money at risk, which isn't an option, so WE took a $60k haircut to prevent that. Once again, because we care. As a side note, those students just closed on 300 units and are in contract negotiations for another 300+ unit deal as we speak.

“You being squeezed out of a deal because MFCP took too much of a percentage”

-We took 25% of the GP carve out on that deal. I’d challenge you to go approach any sponsor and and ask them what percent of the deal they’d take. If you do, you’ll see that they'll quote you closer to 50% nearly every time.

-Here’s the harsh truth, they didn't want to do business with you. They expressed deep rooted reasons as to why that was and I’ll try to address those shortly.

-Also, we absolutely pitched in to help with legal fees, $50k like you mentioned. Those students just closed that deal btw and they are also working on closing their second. In fact, I just had a call with them yesterday, from my Ivory tower here in Maui.

"Urged people to withdraw money from 401k/IRA and pay a penalty."
-I actually understand where this idea came from, but your memory fails you. I AM THE ONE who pulled money from my IRA and payed a penalty so that I could pursue this business 7 years ago. That's my story, nobody else's. That being said, that decision has resulted in a portfolio of over $200MM and my life has absolutely been changed. Not because I pulled money from my IRA, but because I took ownership and MADE the business work. Just like Jillian said, it will only change your life if you put in the work.

"Our coaches don't have experience?"

-Zach, those coaches are employees of our investment company and have played a huge role in the 2,000 + units we've been able to acquire. In fact they are more involved with the day-to-day than I am a lot of times. They teach ME things on a regular basis. They have also helped students just like you close on over 1,000 doors in the past few months. You can talk bad about me, but they are off limits. Once again, I learn from them daily, if you didn't.... I'm not sure how that's possible.

“Backed out of a deal because we aren't allowed to do business in Texas"

-Zach, we just closed 224 units in Texas with a past student last month. We also own just under $50MM of real estate across 417 units there. If we can't do business in Texas then someone forgot to tell us.

“Frustrations about the 188 Unit Deal in Columbia, SC”

-First, I want you to understand that all of these could be major learning experiences for you IF you decide to change your perspective.

1- Frustrated because we asked you not to use our SREO without our permission.

-Yes, we told you that you shouldn't use our schedule of real estate, or say that you're partnering with us, without our permission. Why? Because doing so is false representation. (kind of like your entire post, but I digress.) The brokers you sent that to called us immediately because we've closed thousands of units with them. Understand how bad that looks for YOU when they ask about the offer we’re submitting and we have no idea what they are talking about. I’m not sure how you don’t learn from that situation.

2- Frustrated because you felt like you had to "convince us" to sponsor your deal

-Of course you have to convince us as to why we should sponsor your deal. We are extremely selective with the deals we pursue and who we pursue them with.... which is why we have the track record we do. If we didn't want to sponsor the deal, you should be asking, "Why? What do they see that I don’t?" This seems obvious, but that’s how you learn! That’s what you paid us for.

3- Frustrated because we said you were unorganized on the sponsor call.

-You WERE unorganized on that call my man. In fact you and your partner started arguing in front of us on that call. We could have just said "No thanks" and hung up, but we didn't. Instead, we actually took the time to TRY and teach you. We explained why we decided not to sponsor the deal, how you could approach the situation better next time, and what you need to have prepared when you approaching other sponsors in the future. Once again, that is the epitome of mentorship and education... but only if pride is removed.

This is where I will end, and that last bit is why I wanted to take the time to post this for you. Zach, you have so much God given talent, which is why you've seen success in the single family space. But the multifamily space is a relationship based business and you have a lot to learn about relationships. 

You haven't been "squeezed out of deals" because the world is out to get you, or because I don't care about students. In fact you haven't been squeezed out of anything because those weren't your deals to begin with.... you were just hoping those other students (who went through the same program and have now acquired 100's of doors) would give you a piece of the action.... because you thought you were entitled to it.

Imagine if you scrutinized yourself instead of spending so much time trying to justify your struggles by placing the blame on others. If you took that approach, there's nothing you wouldn't be able to accomplish my man.

The good news, it's never too late to learn, implement, fail, fail some more, evolve, and grow into the person you were called to be.

I believe you started this business with the best of intentions, but somehow all this got away from you. My hope is that you reconnect with those beginning intentions, realize that you are the captain of your ship, and instead of trying to place blame when you experience a challenge, take ownership and learn from that challenge.

We are here to help anytime you need us my man. We just reached out again yesterday and you said there was nothing we could help you with, but we are always here.

Regardless, I promise you I'm still cheering for you and I always will be.