A suitable script for the cooperation of a divorce lawyer

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@Saeed Bayani

I assume you’re wanting to contact a divorce lawyer as a source of distressed real property leads, not as a client needing the attorney as divorce expertise (LOL). I really don’t think you’ll have much success with phone calls or emails, because their are client confidentiality issues. Also, if an attorney were to recommend a private buyer, and the seller could have obtained more money listing the property, auctioning the property, etc., the attorney may have violated his fiduciary responsibility. When dealing with advisors, such as attorneys, accountants, etc., I have found that unless the advisor has been tasked with finding a buyer for hard to sell property, he wouldn’t recommend or pass on info from someone looking to purchase a property from his client below market. The leads I get from attorneys are the result of long term relationships, proof of closing ability, and many lunches and face to face meetings, as well as client referrals back to the attorney.

I don’t really know you’re experience, financial capabilities, etc., but I will tell you that the world is awash right now with about a million wanna be real estate investors, wholesalers, flippers and agents most of which don’t have the expertise, knowledge or capital to complete a deal. And as a result referral sources tend to ignore their contact.

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