Wholesale Buyers List Action Plan

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Hi BP Nation,

I'm looking for some help in building a more robust Wholesale Buyers list in my market (Minneapolis Metro).  I own a business that Flips properties (about 50 this year).  We are ramping up our marketing/sales efforts and in doing this we need to have a better way to sell properties that we acquire faster.  We have a buyers list of 600, but it does not seem to procure enough 'serious' buyers.  We often share our opportunities with other investors/wholesalers in our market and they seemingly always have a buyer!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You can dm me and add me to it.

some other ideas could be to do some open houses, maybe those will attract some flippers or rehabbers you could add them. More of a sniper approach vs shotgun. Those are likely serious buyers actively scouring the mls for discounts. Homestead Road does this when they wholesale, they just toss it on the MLS.

It's all about quality v quantity, right? A list of 600 should provide you with a buyer for most properties you're going to come across. Have you qualified your buyer list? We only add people that we've spoken to and feel are legit real estate investors. If you have access to MLS or a title company connection, use that info to find out who has been buying homes in cash in your market(s). This should help you find a few of the active buyers that you want to be networking with.

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