Wholesale contingency to enter property with prospective buyers?

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How does a wholesaler show the property to a buyer? So let's say I have an assignable and I want to put a contingency in so that I can show the property to prospective buyers, how does this work? Even with earnest money down, I can not imagine the homeowner will just turn over the keys. Maybe I am over thinking this, but how is this handled?

Thank you.

Wow, what a concept, being nice and honest. :}That makes a lot of sense. I should have thought of that since it is the creed I like to live by.

I was just concerned, since in my marketing, I mention, no need for worrying about having to deal with having an open house or showings. I'm Trying to make it as easy on the seller as possible.


If you explain the wholesaling process as you should if that's what you are doing, the seller understands that you are the conduit for the end deal. Most wholesalers lie and say they are buying it and then it is a surprise when they start asking for access. Truth wins, have a value proposition because you can bring the buyers and they don't want to do any work and it does not go on the market, just some showing blocks here and there.

From the very beginning I let my sellers know that I will be doing a walk through prior to closing. I also let them know some of my partners will tag along and they are okay with this.

The issue is when newer wholesalers don't disclose this, blast the deal to everyone and then 40 people show up.

I've always been a proponent of having a small but solid buyers list, this will save you a ton of headaches in the future.