how to find motivated sellers?

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ive just sent a list of 300 absentee owners 2 days ago,

(I wish I could of send more but I wanted to test the water)

ive retrieve the list from listsource and send out from yellowletterscomplete

I was wondering is there any other tips you guys would like to share it would be greatful thanks!

Depends on what type you're looking to target. There is a myriad of different types of motivating factors: absentee owned, high equity, pre-forclosure, NOD, vacancies, probate, job loss, divorce, etc. etc.

Absentee owners with high equity that are out-of-state owners is a great list to target when starting out. These can easily be pulled from listsource - my personal favorite source for absentee owners.

@Walter Thompson

You will get a lot of calls, mostly duds. However, talk to everyone take their information and keep a list to reach out to in a few months or a year. Always ask the seller if you can keep them on your list.

Be cordial, friendly, and upbeat and most importantly LISTEN. Listening will help you to learn if you can be the solution their problem. If you can't, cut off the conversation politely and move to the next on your list.

Be transparent on how you received their information, many will ask. I always say via public records. If you get an angry person, be sympathetic, tell them you will not contact them again.

Direct mail only works when you reach out to prospect about 3-4+ times and your response rate will increase with each touch. Definitely check out @Sharon Vornholt podcast and blogs. She's the MASTER at Wholesale direct mail. I have a 20 year marketing background and I've learned a lot from Sharon.

Glad you're taking action! Good luck! Keep us posted.

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