whats the respond rate whit bandit sighs?

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hi I would like to know is bandit sighs a good way to go for wholesale and if it works for yous and whats the respond rate?

thank you for any replys.

I get a good response on my signs.. Usually as long as I put them out on thurs. and pick up on sun. then I put out about 15 signs. I live in a smaller area, so larger area use more signs.. I generally will get about 8-10 calls in 3 days.. all with cash.. because thats what my signs say.. CASH ONLY BUYERS. Not sure what you are fishing for. houses or buyers, but ether way, use yellow and put in high traffic areas.. that is just my opinion..

hi @Brook Robles

thanks for relpying. I am targeting both sellers/buyers can you reuse the signs. and also do you recommend the signs saying buyers and sellers or two different signs for two different targets?

different signs for different targets.. yes re use the signs.. I always do.. as long as they don't get stole before I pick them back up.. Sometimes the competitor will steel them.. I use one fore handy man special. 3 br 2 ba great deal . CASH ONLY then phone number...

If I have a deal I want to get. then I will Target: I pay cash for homes. any condition. call now. then your number.. Just short sweet and to the point.. Best luck.. always put cash, so you don't have to talk to the ones that are purchasing with bank loan.. Unless you are looking for those type of buyers.. hope this helps you..

Brook Robles

Yellow signs with large black marker work best.. you may have to order signs. I get them like 30 at a time or more, and they are cheeper on line..

I hope you get great results.. change up the wording from time to time and keep track of what gets the most calls and where you put it... Don't be afraid to ask them where they seen it? your sign..

just remember that the bandit sign police run during the week..:) sometimes the city will pick up your signs. i just learned they don't run on the weekends . normally.. and if you have friend on a busy street. hit then up and give a starbucks card for letting you put sign in there yard. those can stay for ever as long as you keep owner happy.. Just another pointer..

Bandit signs is really a function of 'location'. Of-course they NEVER work in high end neighborhoods in our experience, not to mention the city citations at these locations that you may receive if you put signs without permits.
What we train our agents to do, is to post signs when they are already out & about meeting distressed sellers (from our mailing campaigns). Our latest campaign was 'WALK AWAY WITH CASH FROM YOUR UNDER-WATER MORTGAGE'; we basically were/are buying over-leveraged houses subject-to & putting tenant occupants in there.
So bottom line use bandit signs as an extension & not the central piece of your acquisition plan.

Feel free to contact us if you need more clarification or examples of bandit sign campaigns. We at RealAcquisitions.com specialize in providing data on distressed sellers to help our clients in buying off-market real estate investment deals.

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