Postcard Postage is CHEAPER!

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Hey BP!

In case you didn't know (which I didn't about 2 hours ago) postcard stamps are 12 cents cheaper than the regular stamps that I have been sending since I started my direct mail campaign! If you are mailing postcards, you can pay $.34 per stamp. The post office clerk that told me this information had jokes...he thanked me for all the overpaying I had been doing! Hey you live and you learn, right.

I know post cards are cheaper, but I am still wondering if I should give them a try. I guess it wouldn't hurt.

Not only are post cards cheaper but you can get a few thousand of them for less than what you would pay in ink & envelopes to print as many mailer letters.

Cheap is not the name of the game when marketing. Check with the experienced direct marketers here. It ROI you want to maximize. From what I have read here, post cards do not bring in the deals as well as other methods.

Yea I am still testing my postcards, I like that when they are returned back to me, the post office does not scan across the stamp itself. Unlike when I send off letters, they always scan across the stamp so I have lost the price of the postage and have not reached anyone. I have even peeled the stamps off of the returned card and reused the stamp on a new postcard to be mailed! You gotta peel it off real slow though LOL.

Cheaper does not mean better. It's very tempting to try to save money on postage but post cards just don't have the proven ROI that letters have.

That's good information, so are we talking yellow letters or more of a detailed letter? I send both but am curious about the proven ROI.

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